Just Penned!! – The Luxury of Death

Deprived of the luxury of death
Soul crawls through time
Seeking to meet its true self
It learns some sickening mime

For lovers know the comfort of death
To walk tall with true self
They seek not a mirror
From whence love kicked the trigger

For in death lovers’ souls gather
Leaving all the veins of desire
The heart loses its throb
And settles where lust fails to rob

All the elements of core
Will come alive in the lovers
Stripping the body cold
The warm souls flees to hold

In the tender warmth of the Lord
Lovers flock in the shade of His rod
Where souls relish the luxury of death
And giggle at their earthly fall!!!

Mashook Rahman
Photo Courtesy: Internet


Just Penned!! – Thy Gory Gory Ray

Would it be our resurrection
Or the hell’s beckon?!
Would You let us sweat to die
To teach us painful lesson

For You send the clouds
Strew rain and dew
Give a soulful reason to live
In this heavenly earth

But we divide, deride
Wage war, sing pride
Make a farce of You
With false faith, we collide

We are heartfully scornful
Chasing this heaven to hell
We build places of worship
To make Thee obey, we spell!!

We give refuge to the timid
And take them as our slaves
We spend on their fleshes
To mend our sins to graves

We talk much on Thy gleam
We make plenty pride teams
We need not others to feel Thy grace
We need them to only obey our race

When the game of choice is held at bay
When the blasts of hell makes us way
Mercy! Mercy! Mercy! we pray
Comes Thy gory gory ray

Mashook Rahman
Photo Courtesy: Internet

Just Penned!! – Refuge in the Bitterness

The burst of crisp foam in the chalice
The fine brew of coffee spins in the chalice
Lips ready to plunge into the wilderness
Only lovers take refuge in the bitterness

With eyes closed in ecstasy
Soul flows with the bitterness to the heart
There, in no hues of any mood
Heart throbs praising Hu..Hu..Hu..Hu

The throb was soothed with the bitter coffee
The sleepless soul relished the truth of bitterness
For while sweet fades leaving the sour
Bitterness leaves nothing, but a cleansed core

As thick is the darkness of coffee
So thick is the soul drenched in bitterness
Bursting all the foam of desires
Settles with no ripples no fumes

Lovers take refuge in the bitterness
For bitterness shall welcome the sweet
But sweet cannot relish the bitter

Mashook Rahman
Photo Courtesy: Internet

Just Penned!! – The Hall of Fame



The hall of fame is crowded
With humble souls of love
Fame followers seized at gate
Lame followers burnt for being late

Awestruck humble souls of love
Admire not its trace!
Having slain the deceiving glare
Souls stalk for a glimpse of grace

The seemingly rigid light of truth
Flows with love perennial
The gush of love inundated
Take the souls to the throne

The hall of fame fades away
As only remains the throne
In love, there is nothing plural
Where souls melt to be His own!

Mashook Rahman
Photo Courtesy: Internet

Just Penned!! – Noise’ Sizzle

He just blew the reed!
So many dance to the tunes
The song dispersed with air
Keeps the mob live in the fair

Heads that jump for a sneak peek
Knows not the mob is around nothing
Losing the spirit of the tune to fizzle
The lovers enjoy the noise’ sizzle

With one blow He kept the reed
Till there again be the reed’s need
The frenzy mob with all greed
Hath made its ruin with own deed

When again there be the reed’s need
He’ll honk the horn to bleed
The frenzy mob will shake and fall
He’ll laugh, for that’ all

Mashook Rahman
Photo Courtesy: Internet


Just Penned!! – The Veil of My Soul

Through the veil of my soul
I wish for a glance of Thy grace
With a fervent heart in rage
I cry silent for Thy warm brace

O love! Tell me not a reason
To waive my plea at Thy feet
My tryst is not so poetic
Yet straight, plain and neat

Treat me rough as Thee treat Thy lovers
Give me thorns
And teach me to make them into flowers

My blazing breath hath burnt the veil
Yet the soul is chained in the membrane
Slit it with Thy glance of grace
Leave only Thee in Thy brace

Mashook Rahman
Photo Courtesy: Internet



Just Penned!! – The Oasis Virile

Dunes have mounds of sands
Deceiving mirage aplenty
The singled out oasis awaits
The true lover, the thirsty

He wipes the traces on path
With wind’s unfavourable wrath
He breaks the pitcher in hand
And burries the camel in the sand

The unfavourable wrath of wind
Toasts the weak faith might
The pitcher broken furthers the thirst
The camel died triggers the soul

For thirsty soul runs in love
Walks in love
Crawls in love
Until it finds its waters

The spring, the puddle, the pond
Knows its lover far beyond
It’s happy, live and virile
To keep quenching the thirsty, the sterile

Mashook Rahman
Photo Courtesy: Internet

Just Penned!! – Lord, I still stalk You


Give me one reason to believe…
That I’m still alive, You exist, and we co-exist

Lord, I still stalk You
To have my love accepted
Than cherishing the love Thee shower
I’m dumb, stupid and mean
To have prayed fake with lust awake

When my filthy soul is bare
I spray some flavour to the air
And think of You afar
Yet demand You,
Dreaming of me at par

For I see Thee not
As in me I’m caught

Make my skin thin enough
To feel Thy mercy!

Give me one reason to believe..
That I’m still alive, You exist, and we co-exist

Mashook Rahman
Photo Courtesy – Internet

Just Penned!! – Keep Spinning the Garb White

White garbs of heaven gone short
Spin more with earthly love

Fibres of flesh thrown on path
Stitch pain with painless love

Brutes patrol the streets
Strewing death on lives for money’s reap

Souls are felled as meat
In praise of weapons chiselled neat

Ruthless heads gnaw
At benevolence and grace

Heading to the filthy power race
Humans have extinct and become base

The mean mean creatures on earth
Burn with rage to toast tender borns

O white garbs of heaven short
I need not thee for my kid shot

Let the bare truth of murderous spree
Lay before Him for His mercy’s decree

Lose not hope, those saved some love!
Keep spinning the garb white

Unmindful of the size…
It might fit souls deprived of a coffin

Mashook Rahman
Photo Courtesy: Internet

Just Penned!! – Cuddling the Sparks Within


Soul is all cold and dark
Seeking for the lamp at far
Mercy drizzles to ease my soul
Easing out the freezing cold

Gentle breeze craddles the shower
Swaying drizzle eases the hour
Sparks from within kisses the dark
As I choke choke choke

The night and rain unlocks the chain
As the cold self fades in mercy’s refrain
The light at far poured into me
Cuddling the sparks within

The dawn within brewed some honey
With the drizzle that drenched the soul
In Him melts, melts the cold
Slicing the darkness whole

Within I’m warm, without I’m not
Toasted in the dawn and the drizzle hot

The self left me like a vapor fizzled
In mercy, I’m all unpuzzled!!

Mashook Rahman
Photo Courtesy: Internet