Just Penned!! – Why I am not a bestseller!


I write; as I’m so gifted!
I write, not to gift it!
I write; as I feel like!
I write, not to impress!

When I think,
I see no printing press!
In my vision,
I see no selling stress!
Even in the wildest of the dreams,
I have no wish to sell in reams!

Neither I wish to bag awards,
Nor I pen for penny rewards!
I cherish and treasure the very verses,
I write not for what fits into the purses!

Call me not for writing workshops,
For me, workshops never work!
I write out my heart,
I make no product sought!

I’m not a bestseller!
I’m not a best seller!
I’m not a bestseller!
I’m not a best seller!

It is a pleasure,
To see the dawn singing!
It is a pleasure,
To sing the moon swimming!
It is a pleasure,
To breathe the morning mist!
It is a pleasure,
To twist a leg with bliss!
It is a pleasure,
To sip the tender dew!
It is a pleasure,
To write in words a few!

When the world put me down,
I picked up this writing!
I today, put upon a frown,
When the crazy,
Wish to get me crowned!

The crown may rust,
The crowd may fall to dust,
As long I’m soaked
In the elixir of words,
I will write for the very pleasure!

I’m not a bestseller!
I’m not a best seller!
I’m not a bestseller!
I’m not a best seller!

Mashook Rahman
Photo: My book wrapper

Sufi Coffee – Available Free

Dear Friends,

Happy to share that my book “Sufi Coffee” is available for free download today and tomorrow. Please avail the offer and download the book. Also, please write reviews on the website, which would add to the success of the book. Please use the hashtagsimg-20191120-wa00073778308287943177512.jpgIMG-20191206-WA0009 given in the image.

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Mashook Rahman

My proposed e-book – Coffee with Sufi

Mashook New

People!Thank you for reading, commenting and sharing my poems so far. I feel it’s time to compile and market the book. Yes I’m to publish the poems posted here as an e-book under the title “Coffee with Sufi”.

I’m almost done with the compiling..I’m posting the proposed wrapper here..Please vote.. share your opinion

This is my second book of English Poems. My first collection of English poems was titled FELT (2011). I’ve written more than 2000 poems in Tamil, and have published one collection of my Tamil poems titled Mazhaiyuthir Kaalam (2008).

All my books will be shortly available online

Pray for my success

Mashook Rahman