Writing is more than a passion for me. I write to spread peace, unity and love for God beyond religion. Let’s unite under the shade of love…

I have penned songs for the Oscar winner AR Rahman in the past. The songs I wrote for him are One Love – Kadhal Onru Allava (Tamil) in 2007 and Khwaja endhan Khwaja (Tamil) in 2008. I refrain from writing for mainstream Cinema as I’m waiting for an opportunity to write for noble situations. I’ve also penned one song on Ramadan in 2013 for Al Rufian.

I’m looking not to expand my horizon, but to conquer hearts like the sun’s light.

My favorite word to spread is “Pray for me” as I believe prayer makes a noble heart which is near to God and dear to all.

Pray for me

Mashook Rahman


15 thoughts on “About

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  2. Hey dear,
    Your poetry’s are really beautiful and you are worth of these achievements and more. Loved we connected. Looking forward to read more of your lovely work. And Thank you for liking my work too 🙂

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