Just Penned!! – Suffering from War!

Roses are watered with blood,
Wreaths are selling at their best,
The tryst writing art is dead,
Hatred is harvested at its best!

Children add wars to leave notes,
Rubbles are the new monuments,
Flesh stinks fresh everywhere,
Blood is she’d with piety!

Peacekeepers calm down the truth,
Painful calm covers the qualm,
Rapes have become the order of the day,
Tears burn the bruises alone!

Fight for power has tarnished peace,
Children sing to mourn,
Play with bullets and pellets,
Dirt is upon their face and their future!

The filthy are busy,
Redefining the boundaries,
The educated fan their whims,
The timid are seived out of the system,
Ordinary life is a luxury now!

The world is suffering from war,
Suffocating from hatred,
Dying for wisdom, it calls for peace!
O peace, put down your weapon!

Mashook Rahman
Photo Courtesy: Internet

Just Penned!! – Bills! Bills! Bills!

Bills! Bills! Bills!
Human blood is shed,
When bills pass!

Sentences, statements and verdicts,
Throw truth away!
Truth trespassed today,
When bills make their way!

Who the hell are they?!
That divide and dictate our ways!
Why in the name of peace,
You murmur to torture and tease?!

Lands that drifted away,
Ne’er taught you the parting ways!
How on earth, you learned to divide?!
How on earth, your learned to divide?!

Civilizations are truly uncivilized
When established through oppressions!
Why don’t you wish to co-exist?!
What makes you different from the commons?!

Naive and the timid are filed,
Upon your greed’s spike!
Aren’t your greed quenched,
With the timid’ dripping blood?!

Write no more bills,
Dipping in the blood spills!
Create no more qualm,
Or shut your doors and die calm!

If powers have something to do,
Let it heal the world!
The earth is already hurt,
Pass no bills that rape her too!

Mashook Rahman
Photo Courtesy: Internet

Just Penned!! – The Refugee Producers

Image result for war havoc

Churning money out from us
You feed-breed the artillery
Fat witful weapons sharp
Are ready to blow the horn,
Of earth’s last lap!

Ye say we are the future
Ye say ye work to save us
Ye say, elect us to powers
Ye do, works that kill us

All your peace talks,
Have arms besides!
To keep your peace,
Ye kill the innocent!

Listen to the crying tots
Listen to the dying lots
Listen to the begging hearts
Listen to the prayer halls

Do you have souls,
Or heart at your soles?!
Ye have made territories
And have killed integrity!

Ye have guided missiles
But, ye hath gone astray
Ye die fighting for thy lust
Let us live in the path of love

You refugee producers,
Hath made havoc,
Of this mother earth!

God is the only refuge,
For your provisions will go dry!
None could throw His throne of love
Ye’re naive to keep giving it a try!

You hound,
Stop howling!

Mashook Rahman
Photo Courtesy: Internet

Just Penned!! – A Maze of our Own Ruins

Pills are a joke to pain
At the wicked war fields
When killing is the agenda
Why medicine is on wheels?!

We are a herd of consumers
That the selling nerds need
At falling prices they buy us
With giving some extra feed

When the markets are done
They point their blaming fingers
They bring their common opinion
And bomb the tender ones

We’d bejewel their kennels
As long as we buy all the ****
As long as we buy the lies
As long as we buy them power
As long as we buy them fame

Oh, think who they are!
They are our mistakes naive
Oh, think who they are!
They sprang from the truth we gulped

Oh, think who they are!
They are our selfish shade
Oh, think who they are!
They are our darkest side

Thee hath made the wilderness,
Into a blazing hell!
This is a maze of our own ruins
That pays us in our own coins

O, regretting soul!
Repent once thy foul!
O, regretting soul!
Repent once thy foul!

Mashook Rahman
Photo Courtesy: Internet

Just Penned!! – The Bombs Say Amen

There is a new religion,
The name is terrorism!
It has no bias,
It creates only chaos!

It gnaws at the God’s kingdom,
Wants His people to chide Him!
Yet it’s so cowardly,
And seeks His name to hide in!

It’s only prayer is,
To bring His kingdom down!
To make His people stone Him,
And crucify His crown!

The religion of terrorism,
Prays in shells and arms!
Deceiving people with His name,
And takes no blame of the harms!

All the world is losing hope,
His light is to rise and swarm!
The hour is near! The hour is near!
His Mercy will come upon!

Take a turn from cheap discounts,
For the traders are filthy Dons!
What some corner of the market buys,
Rains at another, as shells and bombs!

The world was one with it’s diversity,
Until the hearts were calm!
The clarion call towards uniformity,
Is just another snake charm!

The religion of terrorism,
Fights to snatch our calm!
It’s motive is to rear people,
To further the filthy qualm!

The bombs say amen,
To the Baphomet’s ugly charm!
When God’s mercy dawns upon,
Satan’s charms will melt along!

All we people should hold to our faiths,
We should stand hand in hand!
Mercy is the common code,
That’s in every DNA strand!

Let’s call His mercy upon,
To kill the religion of terrorism!
To free us all from the plague of greed,
To free us from the wrath of the Creed!

Let light bounce back with vigour,
Upon the world of illuminated fear!
The hour is near! The hour is near!
Let all sheep look for the Shepherd to rear!

Mashook Rahman
Photo Courtesy: Internet

Just Penned!! – When Faith is Toyed

When faith is toyed by injustice
Cloak your heart with patience

When patience is flashed with arms
Hold on to patience with patience

Weapons are the proof of cowardice
Weapons are the tools of the coward

When patience wields it’s might
No arms, no army could fight

The reign of stupids on earth
Will fall to patience’ mirth

The masons of the new world
Would only build their own graves

In the light of love and patience
Will bloom the heavenly grace

The dawn of smile on tender faces
Will spread all over the places

When humble souls rise to power
The game of thrones go doomed forever

The reign of Lord, the beloved
Will feign the reign of the cowards

When faith is toyed by injustice
Cloak your heart with patience

Mashook Rahman
Photo Courtesy: Internet

Just Penned!! – Silence of the Arms

Image result for silence of the arms and ammunitions

Laid back in leisure
Deep in the meditation
Holding the breath tight

I wonder would the gunsmith sing
Would at least listen to songs
Or only the dunning muzzles,
Are music to his ears?!

When children cry, bosoms dry,
Arms plunge to pry
What on earth does these arms
Trying and to try?!

Let the wrath of power fall
Let peace and patience haul
Let the wrath of power fall
Let peace and patience haul

Let not the day of peace end
Let no one go on kneels to fend
Why let shells spread the dark,
And yearn for the dawn to bend?!

Stop casting iron for fences
Stop casting arms and bullets
Cast more pillars for light
Let the light of peace delight

If books of history could speak hatred
Burn them and teach to live in the present
If arms are furious to take lives
Let the gunsmith give it a try on his head!

Arms are silent and innocent
Why feed them hatred and rage?!
Melt all the arms and make
One roof for peace’ sake!

When the silent arms speak
They give death…
Not peace!!

Mashook Rahman
Photo Courtesy: Internet

Just Penned!! – The Reason to Blow Up

Image result for grenade with rose

Shells and words are alike
They take a hideout in the mind
They seek for a reason to blow up
They are innocent to attack the innocents
They go calm after making a qualm

They destruct in resonance, yet disown
They make a spell, as well as a hell
They lash and smash at ease
They make and break the peace

When words call the shells
Shells fall on the timid’ knees
Both silence the truth
With their shattering noise

The naive’s words are the shells
The coward speak in shells
Courage is not raining shells
Courage is embracing with love

You’ve made many scars on your mother
Yet ye say, thee love her!

Mashook Rahman
Photo Courtesy: Internet

Just Penned!! – Roses don’t drink blood

Image result for rose in blood

The torch of hatred fumes
Drinking gallons of venom
Decibels of words shout peace
With throats groaning in vengeance

The pieces of lands called nations
With the selfish crowned as patriots
Blowing the horns of valor
For cowardly, cowardly wars

Wouldn’t anthems that praise your soil,
Lend ears to respect the neighbors’?
Wouldn’t the crops of your cherished soil,
Nourish the tots of the neighbors?

Mother earth say thee!
Why bring her on her knees?!
Ye shan’t soak her in blood,
And claim to be her beloved!

Roses don’t drink blood,
Lotus never plunders the pond
Why would you ruin your home,
To make your reign over the corpse?!

The seas of the earth are seas
The blood of the people is blood
There is no bounds, but for the heart
All hearts throb with one beat

If your beat skips the rhythm of love,
Better seize to exist!
Better seize to exist!
Better seize to exist!

Mashook Rahman
Photo Courtesy: Internet

Just Penned!! – Brick and Mortar

Brick and mortar
Brick and mortar
Brick and mortar

The world is brick and mortar
We are a mix of soil and water
As many are the soils and waters
So many are our races and colors
The world is brick and mortar
Yes! We are soil and water

As brains are chained with lust
And knowledge is let to rust
And thirst for power is held abreast
Powers are rising, making unrest

Schools made of brick and mortar
Are suffering a digital divide
As information is equated to intellect
Knowledge is plainly slained

This world is brick and mortar
Its a school of love and peace
For hearts to learn and live
To learn to live and let live

The swamp, the mire and the bog
Are all over this brick and mortar
O rain of love and peace!
Pour down upon the mire of lust!

Mashook Rahman
Photo Courtesy: Internet