Fight for Peace

Terrorist attacks leave dozens dead, injured in Syria

When will the fight for peace be done?!
The white shrouds are shouting “peace”

The oozing blood conquers the white shroud
Like the mighty crooks eat the tender hearts

There is always a “reason” for war
Of all those, the cheapest is “peace keeping”

When would the stock of amunitions be sold?!
The buyers are greedy with a blood cold!

The common masses are tired of seeing
Tyranny, oppression, and man-eating politics

O truth! It’s a long hibernation of you
The blood of the tender tots plea, come in view!

The super powers are bullying you truth
The slay in thy name and spread news

How long are you to bear the brunt?!
Come! Thwart the hefty swines that grunt

The cruel are in every religion
But religions never belong to the cruel

The hooting owls are painting the dove
O truth! Come, shoot them at once

The wreath of peace is drowing in blood
The wrecked are happy and crowning in blood

O truth, stop the bloodshed
O truth, stop the bloodshed

Today, you are only enslaved
Stand for yourself before its late

Mashook Rahman
Photo Courtesy: Internet


Just Penned!! – The Amulet of Love

The amulet of love
Kisses my chest
His name is within
And my soul is unrest

He is the spring
That quenches from within
He is the spark
That lights my night with stars

He paints the moon lest the wand
He rubs it with His other hand
I relish even the moonless skies
As He is lit up within my eyes

He makes a presence here
He smiles from long and far
He hisses into my ears
He makes me long for His song

He shows a rainbow mirage
He showers a colorful rain
He deserts and vanishes off
He blooms all of a sudden

His name cradles in the chest
His name’s the fair and the fest
His love is what I relish and long
His love is that still proves me wrong

With all reverance, I keep good of me
With all elegance, love proves me wrong
With fervent love, I still struggle
To wrap up the story love lorn

I swirled to bring Him in view
I failed, as I looked out for Him
I swril to burst into nothing
To behold Him, as what He is

O light infinite!
Listen to my feeble fiddle
O light infinite!
Let me into Thy song of silence

Leave me as nothing but You!

Mashook Rahman
Photo Courtesy: Internet

Peace – The most abused kid

Peace is the most abused kid
Toyed, toyed and toyed
The war for peace silences it

Weaponry is nourished to flourish
People are left to dry and to perish

Raped, abused and mutilated
Peace longs for some air

Not a seed, weed or straw
Is at peace at this moment

I behold it all
Yet, fear to comment

Fists of ignorance
Are on the rise

Fingers of truth
Are put across its mouth

Nah, nah, nah
None is surely bothered
For peace is still
Strangled and smothered

The healers are quieted
Venom vendors, vaccine peace

No point in crying
No point in trying
No point in telling
No point in yelling

The point is…
The time has come
To clean all the scum
To reap the good from the wrecked land
To make covenant with peace

Peace… peace… peace!!

Mashook Rahman
Photo Courtesy: Internet