Just Penned!! – Everything under the sun

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Everything under the sun
Is under the sun!
Drape as many veils
Yet thee are under the sun!

Yet thy heart heedeth not
Yet thy heart see it not
Yet thy heart feels not its heat
As thy heart is cold, too cold!

The day of verdict
Is under the sun
Whence thy sweat
Will not quench thee

Ye will be under the sun
Yet will not sweat of the heat
Ye will be under the sun
But will sweat in Lord’s fear

Thy heart under the sun
Will speak of how ye stained it
Thy soul that hearkens the Lord
Will cry and lament in pain

Feel the day under the sun
Think of no sinful privacy
Peel the pride, the cold
Tan thee in his warm love

For the day under the sun
Will keep thee warm
For ye hath feared the Lord in wisdom
Fear in wisdom will call thee “love”

Will present thy feet with
A greeny wilderness
And under the sun
Ye will glow
Ye will glow with His radiance

Ye will vanish into the womb of mercy
Ye will see everything under the sun
As Lord and Lord only

Mashook Rahman
Photo Courtesy: http://muslimsincalgary.ca

Just Penned!! – In the Lull of My Cry

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Hu…………. blew me
Bubbles of blue bled and bubbled
My longing colored the note of music
Blue… Hu… Hu… Hu… Hu…

Hu, the note of veins is blue
Hu… Hu… Hu… Hu…
With the yearning for Him
The note is blue
Hu… Hu… Hu… Hu…

He blushes when orbed
And I’m in gloom
I cry in all veins blue
Hu… Hu… Hu… Hu…

Hu… Hu… Hu… Hu…
The note blew bellows Him in me
At the far He hides leaving a clue
For me to search, and I’m all blue
Hu…Hu…Hu… Hu…

The warmth of love
Hath grown into fire
The note Hu… Hu…
Hath bloomed into symphony

There He is… at my soul
In the lull of my cry
I cry not because of Him
I cry for him to relish my love
He keeps hiding, and I keep playing

My love is all
Blue…Blue… Blue…
And I play
Hu… Hu… Hu… Hu…

Mashook Rahman
Picture Courtesy: https://roohanionlinespiritualhelp.co.uk

Just Penned!! – I’m a Cheap Chameleon

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I’m a cheap chameleon
And I keep changing colors
But people love the rainbow
And call me for a coward

I’m a lover of colors
Almighty is all colors to me
I drench in each of His spectrum
I dwell not in any of them
For the want of His “new”

A rainbow is stagnant
It reflects His spectrum in view
But I live in each of the band
Of His light, and never say “Phew!!”

I don’t keep changing
I’m playing a trump of colors
To match with His eternal one
And take abode in Him

Yes! I’m a cheap chameleon
And I keep changing colors
If at all you know me
You’ll know why should I be revered

Mashook Rahman
Photo Courtesy: Picture Inset

Just Penned!! – Satan’s Miracle

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The one-eyed cam is everywhere now
Its presence is duping the omniscience of God
People now fear the cam, and lest the God
The sense of God is gradually whithering from hearts

The one-eyed Satan,
Has begun doing GOOD
He gets a crime commited
And sells the news
He kindle hearts to rape children
And cries with their mothers
He lures people to fall for lust
And sells sex tapes for profit
He twists the relationships
And makes filthy love stories
He creates death pills
And shoots various diseases
He consumes the nature
And gives his shit as cure

He burns cities
For some eye-catching photos
He stirs commotion and chaos
To drive a happening media

He is nowhere in reality
He is a numbskull in truth
Yet, he sits deep in us as desire
And bellows the bad in us

He misinforms us and gives bias
His interpretors instigate us
We watch through the one-eyed TV
And have become one-sided

Take it or not
He drives us as his vehicle
Unless we fear the Lord
There is no hope for a miracle

Mashook Rahman
Photo Courtesy: Internet