My proposed e-book – Coffee with Sufi

Mashook New

People!Thank you for reading, commenting and sharing my poems so far. I feel it’s time to compile and market the book. Yes I’m to publish the poems posted here as an e-book under the title “Coffee with Sufi”.

I’m almost done with the compiling..I’m posting the proposed wrapper here..Please vote.. share your opinion

This is my second book of English Poems. My first collection of English poems was titled FELT (2011). I’ve written more than 2000 poems in Tamil, and have published one collection of my Tamil poems titled Mazhaiyuthir Kaalam (2008).

All my books will be shortly available online

Pray for my success

Mashook Rahman

Just Penned!! – To the mouth of His springs

To get rid of the instinct’s kick
To get rid of the soul sick
To get rid of the conscience’ prick
I’m here to sing You again

O valleys of love refrain along
O ravines of love fill my song
I’m flooding again
To the feet of my Master
To spring back to the caves
To the mouth of His springs

I long to stay in His womb
Count that not for a tomb
For in love I’m a spring perennial
Singing His praise,
Making my paths sing along

I murmur in love,
I roar with it
With all my might
I sing His sight
Love is all
Love is all He I’ll sing
Rest are the cry of lust

I’m to wave, to wave, to wave
With no halt and no rest!
At Thy feet, O my Love
Am I a guest or a pest?!

Mashook Rahman
Photo Courtesy: Internet