Just Penned!! – Chosen to Be Taught

Rocks hide the spring
Spring still merrily sings

Woods keep the light away
Light, still makes its way

Spring doesn’t fear the sun
Rocks fail to stop its run

Wet woods don’t care the light
Light enters with mercy; not might

In the stillness of nature
There is a move

That speaks in my very voice
To teach me of the divine choice

I’m chosen to learn
I’m chosen to be taught
I’m chosen to be His pupil
That everything around,
Teaches His will!

Mashook Rahman


Just Penned!! – Out of the Maze

Ignorance taught me to stray away
Thy mercy gathered me weak

My free will kept me in slavery
To feed the filth of its pride

I cried in pain of Thy rude lash
Thee broke the bond to free me

Now, I’m a tender slave of Thy love
Coy to open my eyes

For within I see Thy grace
With a calm that I’m out of the maze!

Mashook Rahman

Just Penned!! – O Rumi, Hail thee! (Birthday Wishes)

O petals of roses from heaven
Fall to the tunes of the beloved
The poles apart that shined together
Keeps lighting souls forever and forever

The fever of love I suffer, I suffer
The heat of soul never falls nor differ

Swirling to see his face in us
Birling towards his wilderness
The hope of hopes is the light of Shams

O Shams! Thy Rumi, the light of lights
Glides me to the love’s heights

Let me flow as sweet as his tunes
Lingering in the garden of lovers
From his feet to his feet
Forever and forever

O Rumi, Hail thee! Hail thee!
Keep me as a bud in your shoot
Keep pouring your wine in me
For I spurt with thy love and toot!

O petals of roses from heaven,Keep falling!
It’s never ending spring
In the land of lovers

Mashook Rahman

Just Penned!! – Cover my cold soul

I’m just a blast of air
Drifting with no clue
Of my heart’s affairs
O warm love,
Cover my cold soul

At Thy feet I plea
Coveted by pains fowl
O warm love,
Cover my cold soul

Glimpses of Thy light
Swarm along the horizon
O warm love,
Cover my cold soul

Waves rose with glitters
Sank and threw me as litters
At Thy shore,
I’m struggling for my breath
O warm love,
Cover my cold soul

The stones that cracked my image
Helped me see beyond the mirage
Yet, the pain Thy stones gave
Makes me cry to fill my grave

O warm love,
Cover my cold soul
O warm love,
Cover my cold soul
O warm love,
Cover my cold soul

I’m drifting…
I’m drifting…
I’m drifting…

O warm love,
Heal me to be Thy beloved!!!

Mashook Rahman