Just Penned!! – A Narrow Crooked Confine


I’m a lost lover
That spoiled the chest
Chased the soul of love
Nurturing the nest

The warmth in my blood is Thine
How forgetful had I been?!
Relishing Thy warmth as mine
Too boorish, haughty, malign

In the pretense of tending love divine
I’ve mothered a narrow crooked confine

All Thy love is for all
Why should I chain it and haul
If at all I’m of Thee
Let me lose myself in Thee

How good could I ever love Thee!!
Shunning to love all with glee
O! I’m a lost lover of Thee
Take me O love, with gee!

Better let not me, in me!

Mashook Rahman
Photo Courtesy


Just Penned!! – Zero at a Point


All inner conflicts zero at a point
Where there is the warmth of mercy
Cold to heed to hue and cries

Mercy must be an atom inert
That never responds to the excited
The delight of inertness erupts within
When the atom of self is just a spent force

The indivisible is also infallible
The merciful is also hard to give in
Till the churn of the heart receeds to zero
Till the swirl of choices receed to zero
Zero is but a value beyond
Till desires infinite break into zero

Mashook Rahman
Photo courtesy: Internet