Just Penned!! – The Music of Oneness

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Notes from the strings of Mirabai
Smudge into the Ney of Rumi
The fragrance of music spilling in colors
Brings into love, the corpses of the worlds

There dances, Rumi, Mira, Majnoon and Laila
All in their own realms of love
They know not each other, but their beloved
So poisonous is the music of oneness

The syllables of love’s score
Keeps the light of oneness alive
The omnipresence of music
Orchastrates the resonating time

There in the soul,
Love drizzles in rhyme
Drenched in the hymn
Soul trembles and chimes

The music of oneness
Melts the soul into nothing
From where it bleeds
Into the realm of oneness

“Form or formless
God is oneness”,
The music of oneness
Feeds this to the soul

The greed to be larger than life
Reduces to a drop of love
With the music of oneness brimming within
“I” melts within, within, within

O deluge of music!
Kill me to the atom
O deluge of oneness!
Leave me not, but Thee!

O! Melt me, melt me, melt me love
In Thee, is my crest and trough
When I stop to wave on earth
Dwell me in Thy silent “Hum”

Mashook Rahman
Photo Courtesy: Internet