Light is an elixir that never grows old nor perishes

Light expells darkness and death

Light bears no pride of its presence

Light is selfless in giving

Light has nothing to do with darkness

Light loses to itself than to anything else

Light is contented till it lives

Light lives by its own spark

Light never dies, only escapes out of view

Light never leaves darkness behind

It is the people who stay behind
Mashook Rahman

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Just Penned!! – The Super Heavy Conscience

It’s hard to bear
It’s hard to bear
It’s hard to bear
To bear the sinful soul

The drop of light He breathed in me
Has consumed too much of the dark
In the pursuit of purging all the goo
The heart’s tired without fresh blood

I’m now, the mud and water’s curse
That wouldn’t take me back
I’ve grown thorns along
Along the tender drop of soul

The sin of tarnishing and damning the soul
Had never pricked me so bad
Now, I repent my very existence
And my future fall

The lips that smacked
And savoured the sin
Now tastes it bitter and sour
The eyes that relished the filthy core
Have no tears to pour no more

Lowers to the fire, the heavy soul
Pulls the Super Heavy Conscience
There would be no better hell
Than the conscience
There would be no better hell

Mashook Rahman
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Just Penned!! – Swine Flu

It is not the virus
It is now the people
It is not the flu
But characters with no clue

None have the spine
To slander wrong and slain
Bent like the swine
We relish the gutter wine

We lock the apps
To save our character
Deceive daily
Yet expect honesty

Left all alone
We peek into the filthy
In broad day light
We buy us a clean chit

We gaze at the curves of girls
Forgetful of people home
Yet shake hands with smile
With a genuine voice and tone

We never get fatigued
Not the chill of sin
Or the fever of fear

No device exists
To measure the decay
No gender persists
On changing to be good

It’s all the game of chance
Hearts gnaw for the time to pounce
Lust flu has so taken us
We see lumps of flesh
Than the kith and kin

To become human is an emergency
To stop the flu and its insurgency
We can’t join hands to fight
But to fall on knees and pray

Mashook Rahman
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​I was a picturesque piece of chaos

Yet had no shape of future

Moments gazed at me in awe

To learn how to waste time
I was a splendid piece of no worth

Until a worthless love bloomed in me

It was a sweetie that had no face

With whom I felt all love’s glee
Thirsty for something

And to figure out what

My pen and paper met

Poured then rigorous thought
At first I scrapped some verses

Then a ream of paper lot

Then I threw my stupid love

And was cursed by cupid hot
Slowly and pretty slowly

Mecry freed me from the knot

Now only with writing Him

I find the very soul’s sweet spot
Life has ripped me skin and bone

Only to give me wings of hope

Etched till the last lump of fat

I now stay all afloat
Light, so light than the lighter light

With might of a burning torch

So wise a flame have I got

Sun couldn’t stand the scorch
Don’t take me for a egoed goose

I sing in all merry

Just read and tip it off

I’m on His love ferry
I go singing let me go

I go singing let me go

I go singing let me go

I love being in His lap

Singing till all time fall lapsed
Mashook Rahman

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Just Penned!! – In The Craters of The soul

In the craters of the soul
The darkness is intact
With the tact of darkness intact
The asteroids of steroids
Hit the soul particle

The floating expanding truth
Fails embracing the soul particle
The soul particle is ignorant
To lose its minimal being
To be the expanding truth

The crater’s darkness threatens
That the eyes of soul should face truth’s glare
The belittled soul makes couch of the ego snare
Wearing the deceiving sleep
The soul particle dissolves into darkness

In fact, the crater’s mouth is smaller
Smaller than the soul particle
It is with the lust for darkness
The souls slips from truth, light and its glare
Into the deep, deep, deep of the crater
So deep, till it settles away
Away from the expanding truth

Mashook Rahman
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Just Penned!! At The Meniscus of The Heart

From puddle to pond to brook to oceans

I’ve set off from the distant shores

But, my gills are yet to breathe in bubbles

Yet it yearns for the song of the pebbles
The chillness of fear is intact in the bones

My spine has dubbed into an eel

I wished I swam like a whale

Yet, dream of settling in an aquarium stale
I love the ocean currents

And the miraculous blue waters

Yet the heart falls for the pond Lilly

Staring at the puddle’s walls
The oceans will hate my heart’s waves

But I love the calm and qualms of the sea storm

As I enjoy the inner weather in me

The sun is freezing at the dawn
My feet long for the tenderness of the lawn

Heart throbs to swim

Mind broods of breeding wings

As I stretch my palm for a reading
I’m a maze within and without

Amazed of the spiritual waters

I know I’m dry and thirsty

Yet fear swimming through the deep of the matters
I’m scared to take a gulp of truth

But poised to savour venom for lifetime

I put my head out of the waters

To breathe the stink of the past
The ocean is calm…

Staring at the waves of the heart

I guess, sinking would be better than swimming
Mashook Rahman

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