Just Penned!! – Shivering lamp of hope

I am a dilapidated place of worship
With a shivering lamp of hope
My song in praise of Thee is feeble
Sunk in earthly dope

The charmers have kept me from path
Playing the tunes and chords of wrath
I’m coiled and swooned in my gloom
To the stink of lust, I’ve given a room

The bats that hang and jackals’ howl
Threaten me from begging pardon
What would hit the roof of Thy throne
To get Thy mercy’s cordon?!

The lamp is losing its oil
The night is wading midst us
Inwardly I melt and melt
Bless me before I’m broke and bent

Mashook Rahman
Photo Courtesy: Internet

Just Penned!! – To Finally Settle

Vessel waves with the waters
Yet never yields to the waves
Vessel never relishes the salt
For fishes, it doesn’t have a taste

Neither it loves the shores
Nor the poles it meets in the shuttle
It keeps nothing it loads
For itself to finally settle

Vessel is content as it is
Balanced in fair weather and storm
In the hands of the captain,
The vessel swims composed and calm

The rough winds and rocks will fail
As long as His mercy steers the sail
In His light and kindly spark
Safe is the journey through the dark

Mashook Rahman
Photo Courtesy: Internet

Just Penned!! – The bubble of image

With the craft and finesse of a lion
Soul is proud and sleepy
Seduced by the waters it passed
Struck with its own beauty

Pride took over valour
Stride came to a halt
Soul’s no more vigil
To hunt the thirsty jackal

The bubble of image
Keeps the lion in trance
Daydreams the lion
Of dishes served in the lawn

Is it not shameful
To be a lion and never hunt
Be the king, and yet toil
Never let thy soul go blunt

For every thirsty lion
There is a divine puddle

Mashook Rahman
Photo Courtesy: Internet