Just Penned!! – Die Away

Carpenters make the coffins and crosses
Businesses make the corpses ready
Lust lures the masses to the pit
Where the choice is either the coffin or the cross

The path is laid with pleasing beauty
The bait in fact is calm
The crowd that treads in hope to turn
Never comes from the beyond

The pitiably merciful Almighty
Is pitiably waiting for long
For one soul to jump off the pack
And come to His herd along

The heart and its soft corner
Are indeed hard at the soul
The love of the soul for the heart
Ruins its being in whole

Mercy, pretentious mercy
And nabbing pity in play
Humans make their coffins and crosses
Devour themselves as prey

Businesses force the humans to buy
What’s not of use like clay
Humans befall for the lust to pay
To have that to what it is lay

None is aware to this black magic
Of parallel governance and trade
Of getting the human race extinct
Giving grounds for machines to wade

The pitiably merciful Almighty
Is indeed giggling at His bay
Once the drama is on its heat
He’ll make His final say!

Mashook Rahman
Photo Courtesy: Internet

Just Penned!! – Fuel Love

The tavern of divine love
Never goes out of wine
The lovers are so greedy
That they pray for it all night

The cask is indeed a mirage
The thirst is the secret of the nectar
Neither the tavern brews the wine
Nor the flower makes the nectar

Wine and nectar are His mecry
Like the dried bosom of weak Haleema
Milked to quench the Prophet (PBUH)

Dig into the night
Don’t dance by the fire
Be the pyre! Fuel love!

Get drunk and jump into the flame
Let your thirst to earn love and fame
But don’t heed to the word of praises
Be drunk and leave no love traces

For the world kills true lovers
Shhh… get away into you
Burn, till your ashes submit to the dawn of love!!!

Mashook Rahman
Photo Courtesy: Internet