Just Penned!! – Mute Music to Bloom

The lovelorn reeds in the flesh
Long for the kiss of truth
For the spark to spill and light
For the mute music to bloom into life

Blood is cold, having lost the light
The warmth of which keeps it alive
O light spill, burn all the flesh!
O light spill, leave no ashes but You!

Let the lovelorn reeds
Blast in Thy hymn of love
Let the blood drain
Unto Thy feet in love

Let Thy wisdom erupt
To burn the bliss of ignorance
Let Thy wisdom erupt
To burn the sense of existence

Efface me with Thy mercy
To face Thee
To see Thy true being
To be lost in Thee

Leave such bits of me
To only feel Thee!
Leave such bits of me
To only feel Thee!

To float in Thy rhythm
Losing all the waves of noise
Deep into the realm of love
Where even silence doesn’t dwell

Mashook Rahman
Photo Courtesy: Internet

Just Penned!! – Stripped of Ignorance


It was a drop spilled
The paper made it a blot
The heady pen spilled it haughty
Tells the blot, the plot

Wisdom is not the ink spilled
The paper is not thirsty either
Flowing is a property
As sucking it is!

Between the nib and the paper
The void drunk ink is sparked
To spill out forming a blot
To stay quiet of the calming part

The paper stops the ink’s wisdom
Ink moves no further, seldom!
The pen is not wise either
Wisdom slips into the air, into the ether

Of all the drops of ink spilled
Of all the blots, papers drink
None know the its sense
Like the hands that buy them and sell

It is at last like verses penned
To teach how great was silence
It is at last like vows pronounced
To stay quiet in lasting silence

The pen, the paper and the blot
Have told me all these quietly
I have listened to silence
Yet to discern this being’s misery

Stripped of ignorance
I lay all bare
I’m the blot
O mercy! Make some verses
Out of me!

Mashook Rahman
Photo Courtesy: Internet