Just Penned!! -Get me rid of..


With all my riches
I can’t beg for Thee!
For You are simple
With riches of love!

What in vain I chant of Thee
When counts smoke away
I threw the string of beads
For Thy string of love ahead

The itch of lust
Kept me scratching the scars of desire
In the fire of denial and existence
I was looking for light divine

The cocoon I built with reverence to self
In fact had clutched me from Thee
The riches of earth, stink in truth
Get me rid of the swoon

Fan my flames of love for Thee
Shade me with Thy mercy
For long and long I’ve strayed away
Wipe all the dark of my heresy

In You let me find the way
In You let me stay, let me stay
O light! Light me… light me.. light me

Mashook Rahman
Photo Courtesy: Internet


Just Penned!! – To just be with You


Why all these much ado?!
When You are quiet!
To just be with You
It doesn’t need to be a poet

You never move to the tunes in view
Not to the words sing praise of You
Why then, all these much ado?!
To just be with You

A place for You in the heart is a thought unfair
You are the place, the heart and the affair
Why then, all these much ado?!
To just be with You

Soul begs pardon of existence
To leave just You and die virile
Yet, I keeps an eye on I
That keeps sterile
And chants “Deny”

The fervent streets of love divine
Is all adorned with You benign
You are the rose on this earth barren
Spill Your essence for me to bloom

You quiet who discerns love
Hold me to let me leave
Killing all the much ado
To just be with You as You!

Mashook Rahman
Photo Courtesy: Internet

Just Penned!! – Plunge into


I’m an atom excited
Getting a hint of Him in me
Now I wish just to stay
A wee bearing Him in me

That moment and glimpse of truth
Has taken me for a ride
To stay in light in bliss
That takes nowhere in stride

To oribit the core of truth
Is arbitrary to do
Plunge into Him and stay
Let all the strings loose

I have an eye on the eye of the I
When I close, close is He
When I lose, I sees me!
I’m an atom excited
Bursted into He


Just Penned!! – Wrapped Up!


Pretty often He fails me
Lately it struck He veils me

Blessed to be a pebble ignored
Daubed with the song of the stream divine
With every bubble that hits the soul
The soul flowers into love so whole

From a dot of curse
Into a boon of mole
The same me
Has flipped divine

I clasp my hands
To make mean wishes
But stay calm to feel His touch
He runs through me His wine of love

Rest is divine
Let the pleasure be mine

Mashook Rahman
Photo Courtesy: Internet




Just Penned!! – For That One Drop of Dew..

For that one drop of dew
I brew my love new!
Pale in longing
Cold fragrance I spew

Saving the sour honey
For You to add sweet
Longing pale in pain
O dew, would we meet?!

Petals open in wind
Shiver to wither in love
Quivering soul in zikr*
In Thy light it wishes a stroll

O, my drop of dew
Stemmed on my love and pain
I keep my soul open
In hope of opening Thy gate

Come upon me O dew!
This is not a plea new
You who in love grew me
Let me not burn to grieve!

*Zikr – Meditation

Mashook Rahman
Photo Courtesy: Internet

Just Penned!! – One Flock


O, feathers of peace!
Don’t wither away
O, claws of pain
Don’t tear us away

Didn’t we belong to One womb?!
Where we dwelled in calm and grace!
Don’t we belong to One soul
Why would we throttle on race?!

Is it for the piece of clay
That You and I are made?!
If so, then pick with mercy
Not with a dreary spade!

Stretch arms, heart and soul
We are one flock so whole
Let us take shade in the Shepherd
And live in peace with the fellow soul

Mashook Rahman
Photo Courtesy: Internet

Just Penned!! – I Quench In…


Oh! The light I was brooding
Is at far beyond the farthest!
Should I quench in the sight distant
Or strive to get nearer?!

His promises are promises
But delay tests my mettle
Everytime I fail and cry
For this deal never settles

Well read of His mercy
I doubt when He delays
Yet it struck me lately
He tracks me in the maze

Grace! O Grace, descend!
It’s a meek song, listen!
Cloak me with Thy glisten!
In Thy mercy take me prison!

Mashook Rahman
Photo Courtesy: Internet