Just Penned!! – The Light is Not Too Far

The gadgeteers and the Satan’s nears
What on earth you build these networks for?
Does the “web” signify the mesh for a prey
What is thy notion behind “making a better world”

Take pride of stripping mother nature off
To seed your mean and filthy chip
But God is all patient to let you grow
To bring you down being ripped

When His angel blows the horn of apocalypse
Your networks will fail obeying you
Your plans of staying rotten and young
Your bigotry, pride and sexy prejudice
Your wickedly cold hearted plans
Will all shackle and fall to dust
Leaving no particle on air of your lust

Artificial Intelligence, as the name suggests
Will fail to be and replace intelligence divine
The bots you build will obey His command
To make their own grand coffins

The wires and signals will all turn upon you
Failing your All Seeing Eye
Your darkness will face an ugly befall
With the gracious smile of the Hu…

Peace, light and mercy will prevail
Where hearts and souls speak love
The trenches you’ve dug under the feet of men
Awaits your filthy filthy fall…

Mashook Rahman
Photo Courtesy:Internet


Just Penned!! – The Moment of Fiery Truth


Victims befriend sin and hate the Saviour
Saviour is the conscience within
Manifested through behaviour
The context of good and the content within
Are soiled and spoiled to get extinct
Alas! We fall into our own ruins
Failing to heed to the unplugged instinct
As much deep seats the vice deeds in the heart
So much of room for good is in the air
Used to and being committed with sins
Soul fails to care, and stand and stare
The clarion of the Saviour within
Seeks a moment of fiery truth
To blow the spark to light the soul dark
To anchor the haul towards the fall
Mashook Rahman
Photo Courtesy: Internet