Just Penned – I cry unto Thee

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In the love for Thy nectar
My wings freeze
I cry love unto Thee
On my frail knees

Thy petals are open and pouring
Thy nectar is gracefully flowing
I miss the drop that quenches me
For I’m hasty in Thy love

Now I’ve come to freeze
On my frail knees
In the love for Thy nectar
My wings freeze; my wings freeze

I see Thy nectar flowing
I wish I drink Thee to Thy roots
I see how hollow is my being
I plea! Thee drink me!

In the love for Thy nectar
My wings freeze
I cry love unto Thee
On my frail knees

Mashook Rahman
Photo Courtesy: Internet

Just Penned!! – The Air of Venom


When venom kisses venom
What gushes into air?!
The green fumes of lust
Lure the blissfully white air

Breathe not! Breathe not!
Ye be caught with the air of venom!
Breathe not! Breathe not!
Let the mantle of the heart be pure!

Venom is intent in thee already
Ye see thy venom in every soul
Break not the vial and let venom flow
Just let it fume within and die

Stop seeing thy sting
Relish not thy face
Let all the venom in thee dry
Save nothing of it with “grace”

The drift of venom without
Hits every soul
But those that in love
Never get astray

Beware! The hiss is on

Mashook Rahman
Picture Courtesy: See Photo inset


Just Penned!! – But in truth


Cities are planned
People in cities aspire
The elite naturally inspire
But in truth, conspire

Streets are laid, lit and kept
Taxes drive the loyal insane
People are struck amidst
The paradox of good and bad

The mix of emotion
And the means of earning
Bombards the society with corruption
Power only dictates
People are empowered to oblige

The places of worship
Are forced to spell hatred
For people are rising to be beasts
And demand lust be sanctioned

Cities are “planned” to self-destruct
Or to be waged wars upon
The wicked minds orchestrate
Jarring decibels of wickedness

The lull of modern world
Sedates sane minds to sleep
Every heart endures the pain
But dares not to loudly weep

When hands could hold only handful
Greed kicks it to stretch beyond
To snatch from the timid and the meek
To jig out the earth and turn it bleak

Mashook Rahman
Photo Courtesy: https://pixabay.com/en/apocalypse-war-disaster-destruction-2459465/