Just Penned!! – Human race has met its fall


Why the hell you detonators
Blow beyond the decibels?!
Tender ears of kids are bleeding
What the hell is the problem with you?!

People are stripped and ripped and stripped
The land is planted with mines of shells
What are your minds are planted with?!

The defeaning weapons
Roar over the feeble cries
Come, it’s enough,
Open your eyes

Are you behind greasing your muzzles
With the flowing blood on streets?
What the hell you are after?!
To kill them and give sweets?!

O the day of judgement
Descend upon us now
Let not more massacres happen
Let not peace be killed in pieces

Human race is all frenzy
The globe is hot like hell
We have no tender hearts that care
No heeding ears to tell

Mercy be thine O land
Tear and eat us all
Human race has met its fall
And none to take the call!


Mashook Rahman
Photo Courtesy: Internet