Just Penned!! – It goes on a high


Given a shot of Thy love
I’m mumbling in ecstasy
It goes on a high
As You keep listening
Smiling at me

Mashook Rahman
Photo Courtesy: Internet


Just Penned!! – Fell the Terror in Rife


The color of blood is turning green
Heart shivers in the cold hot sun
Scorch of hatred prolongs the mid-day
The air of chaos chokes the lungs

When my lungs breathed in the past
It transpired and inspired love for all
Now I fear of inhaling the smog
For hatred might ashen my soul

My days pass in glee
Hearing the stories of people who flee
The lands slide in rage
People think of war and wage
It all makes me think
What are we in this age?

The madly madly race
Has effaced the face of this race
The wicked fickle pace
Shackles the base in case

It’s happy to see the change
From the war of words
To the war of the worlds
It’s dreadful to eat the fact
The plague of power
Is tearing us apart

Didn’t we have tender fingers
That felt the moist of kith and kin?!
We are after breeding gills
Forgetful of the nostrils

Trash all the records
Of hatred we haul
Trash all the evidences
That furthers a fall
Fighting on the past
Will kill all the future

Shrug at once the homunculus souls
And come back to human stature
Let buried benignity come to life
Let us fell the terror in rife

Mashook Rahman
Photo Courtesy: Internet