Just Penned! – Hot-gorgeous hell

Heaven is all dust,
The angels are sad!
Souls throng the hell,
And are happily mad!

The last twig of truth,
Holds its last leaf to wither,
Its lost hope yearns
For the repenting tears!

O dark souls,
Cry for thy light!
Are you happy,
To die into the hell?!

Peace and solace,
Are in repentance!
Pleasure and power,
Are in true penance!

Freedom is in the submission,
Liberty is being steadfast in faith!

Expensive coffins,
Are still coffins!
A sigh of relief,
Is a piece of heaven!

Come O dust,
Out of your lust!
Run away,
From the hot-gorgeous hell!

Mashook Rahman

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Just Penned!! – When soul brims in love

He pours out of His kindness,
His mercy upon the dust!
Until the dust blooms with a heart!

The blood inspired by Him,
Cleans all the veins!
Bringing the light to life within,
Love brims, brims within!

When soul brims in love,
It’s blessed with eyes to pour!
When soul brims in love,
It enjoys the sweet out of the sour!
When soul brims in love,
It’s blessed with wings to flow!

When soul brims in love,
It shrugs it’s form of the foe!
When soul brims in love,
It awaits it’s turn in row!

When soul brims in love,
It yearns to leave it’s form!
When soul brims in love,
It yearns for His bosom’s warmth!

It’s nest is made of twigs,
Daring the sun above!
It’s nest has not any door,
Open to take abode!
It’s nest is made of twigs,
For the storm of love,
To set its road!

Mashook Rahman
Photo Courtesy: Internet

Just Penned!! – I am the constellation of love

I am the constellation of love
I float at the reach of a heart
I am eternal; not in form,
And the mortals are not informed!

The world looks for Venus and Cupid,
I’m not so famous, as the world’s stupid!
The symbol of love has moved,
From heart, to roses, to condoms,
And I condemn all of them!

I am the constellation of love,
I am made of soulful emotions!
Compassion forms my center,
And tears is at the iota!

I float untouched by the busy busy world,
For, even in love, the world seeks fortune!
Wouldn’t the maniacs stop spinning the zodiacs,
For in search of love, they look for flesh!

O rock-hard hearts, here I soothsay!
I soothsay thy doomsday!
For love is not a spell,
It’s an eternal spring!
Enough of time, you have sunken in filth,
Crown and get delivered now!
Be born of your true self,
To lend a heart, for no tender!

I am the constellation of love,
I am scattered in thy soul!
Fetch for thy soulful emotions,
Fix me to fix thyself whole!

Mashook Rahman

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Just Penned!! – I’m a Singing Pebble


At the ravines of divine love,
I lay bare at the stream bed!
The water that fell from above,
Painted me with rainbow revered!

I’m a singing pebble,
Singing His praise to the stream!
I whisper my love,
I never sing aloud,
I hope that this stream,
To the sea is flowed!

O gigantic hills,
Heed to my song!
O divine ravines,
Echo my love!

O sky above,
Listen to me!
O clouds afloat,
Shade me from pain!

I sing on,
For I’m lovelorn!
O Lord, my shepherd,
Sing along!

I lay here,
Since time immemorial!
Yet, I ain’t tired,
Of singing my love!

O, I stop now,
To heed to Thy song!
The song of silence,
For the soul lovelorn!

Mashook Rahman
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Just Penned!! – Chained in Fame

Chained in fame,
I lay lame,
Oh, my name?!
I’m a human!

Paint me not,
Stain me not,
I’m not a canvas,
I’m a human!

I never wished,
To shoot to the stars,
I just tried floating over!

I never wished,
To sink down the dark,
I just tried floating over!

Fame has snatched,
My cup of tea!
Fame as such,
Isn’t my cup of tea!

I wished I was a bit noted,
Now I pray I’m not!
The limelight in fact,
Has soured my life!

O, who fan my fame,
Don’t fan the flame!
I’m not just my name!

O, who gaze at me,
Don’t graze on me,
I’m human, justly sane!

Come not to my funeral,
Let it be calm!
Don’t gather to mourn over,
Let me sleep calm!

Chained in fame,
I lay lame,
Oh, my name?!
I’m a human!

Mashook Rahman
Photo Courtesy: Internet

Just Penned!! – My Soul Roars

I’m in the den,
Am I a lion?!

My den is dirty,
It’s sewn with cobweb!
I’m afraid of the bats,
Am I a lion?!

There are many hyenas,
Encroached the den for long,
I have no guts to chase’em,
Their laughter frightens me!

I’d slept for a long,
I’d lost the strength of the paws,
The den was my identity,
It was taken for a toss!

As I brood late,
Time is dripping straight!
The night’s catching up,
Bedsore’s feeding on me!

There’s the daybreak,
Hinting me to roar,
I have my voice in-store,
Here I roar, I roar!

Like the Hyenas’ laughter,
Like the spider’s web,
The roar was His promise,
I had forgotten for long!

The cobwebs have withered,
The Hyenas have vanished,
The den’s dirt has fallen
I’m on my paws!

My shadow seemed a rat,
I believed it to be me,
Now, I see Him in me,
My soul roars, and roars!

Mashook Rahman
Photo Courtesy: Internet

Just Penned!! – Suffering from War!

Roses are watered with blood,
Wreaths are selling at their best,
The tryst writing art is dead,
Hatred is harvested at its best!

Children add wars to leave notes,
Rubbles are the new monuments,
Flesh stinks fresh everywhere,
Blood is she’d with piety!

Peacekeepers calm down the truth,
Painful calm covers the qualm,
Rapes have become the order of the day,
Tears burn the bruises alone!

Fight for power has tarnished peace,
Children sing to mourn,
Play with bullets and pellets,
Dirt is upon their face and their future!

The filthy are busy,
Redefining the boundaries,
The educated fan their whims,
The timid are seived out of the system,
Ordinary life is a luxury now!

The world is suffering from war,
Suffocating from hatred,
Dying for wisdom, it calls for peace!
O peace, put down your weapon!

Mashook Rahman
Photo Courtesy: Internet

Just Penned!! – Everything Encased!!

We think out of the boxes,
But live within them!
We’ve fallen for the virtual,
Having felled the natural!

We want artificial intelligence,
But condemn the intellects!
We want freedom for ourselves,
But, we hate others having it!

We promote everything that’s bad,
But, complain like that makes us sad!
We consume everything that’s free,
But, complain health is costly!

We love calling to order,
To eat some healthy fodder!
We order everything encased,
Until contained in funeral cases!

Mashook Rahman
Photo Courtesy: Internet

Just Penned!! – Being Invited

There lies an invitation,
Untouched, closed and aloof!
The heart is cold towards that warm invite,
For that is not dated, and the venue hated!

The mind is bent to go places,
Uninvited, not welcomed, receives with spite!
Those are gates garnered,
Where the wealthy are honoured!

Heart skips a beat,
Looking at the worldly feast,
Goes on its knees,
Makes begging pleas!

There lies an invitation,
Untouched, closed and aloof!

The poor heart compares,
Lives in despair,
Chides all it has,
Lives like an ass!

The untouched invite,
Has the pass to eternity,
The unwise heart sobs,
Forgetful of its mortality!

The world throws fairs,
Seems highly inviting,
Sends merry cards,
Smiles warmly hard!

Discern, you poor soul,
Being invited is important,
Than getting an invitation!

Mashook Rahman
Photo Courtesy: Internet

Just Penned!! – Check your Eligibility

The phone tweets daily,
Calls land to woo me!
E-mails make it to the inbox,
All they say is, “Check your eligibility”!

As a lad of teens,
I had the meaning clean,
I had to get a bachelor’s,
To be an eligible bachelor!

Now everything is tagged,
With “check your eligibility” tag!
I feel vulnerable,
I fear, I should be eligible!

Yes, my paycheck is fat,
As I’m thinner than that!
To keep my dignity, I toil,
As my health goes spoiled!

My ends never meet,
My stew is not sweet,
My degree is just a sheet,
My freedom is at someone’s feet,

I belong to such a class,
That lives by the laws,
Though the land owes me much,
I still feel indebted!

O World insane!
Check your eligibility,
To avail of humanity!

Mashook Rahman
Photo Courtesy: Internet