Just Penned!! – Burst of a mirage

Burst of a mirage
Sprinkled a rainbow
With bubbles of love
That blasted sprinkling lies

Drenched in the mirage
Sprinkled with lies
I shivered staring at the smoggy sky
With no clue of a horizon
Like a dew dying at the dawn

Slowly the sky cracked
Like a huge egg hatched
I awaited a creepy creature
But it started drizzling acid

Sun peeled the sorrows away
And forced me plea my day
Light, at first shackled my vision
Shortly then, gifted a mission

Not to chisel a future better
But to live the moment true and tender
Love, lies and mirage giggled like Hyena
And wagged their tails away from me

Mashook Rahman
Photo Courtesy: Internet


Just Penned!! – O, Enemies of Mankind!

O, enemies of mankind!
Stop the filth of scoring elegies,
And blood scavenging melodies

O, enemies of mankind!
Strip your skin, bare thy venom
Your gnaw for power is ugly
Shut your foul mouth thugly

O, enemies of mankind!
Let not the wicked muzzles shred skin
To make corned beef of kith and kin

O, enemies of mankind!
Stop thy Cannibalistic capitalism
Burn thy canons of slavery

O, enemies of mankind!
The curse of the meek have clouded
Await the rain of mercy denied

Mashook Rahman
Photo Courtesy: Internet

Just penned!! – Frozen in Dream

There frightens me the big zero
Should I take a dive into,
Void would collide with void!
Yet the frightening zero is huge and glowing
Teases me to take a dip

At the shore’s fray I stayed
Shivering to dive and die
A sudden blast did push me
Then death gave me birth

As the frightening zero peeled my void
Void sank swimming to vanish in light
With a kiss of silence the screen fell over
The world is void of the love of zero…
I’m frozen in the dream of love

Just Penned!! – Lust loses its fin

I’m peeled bare to feel my soul
I’m no more frozen in the cold
The shivering wave was of fear
Till the warmth of truth became dear

Lust loses its fin
As love takes the soul for a spin
Feet sparks heat from within
Earth glows in all love’s glint

The horizon of death and life fades
Soul’s daubed in depth of love’s shades
Rays of His mecry and the garb of His grace
Cloak my soul to rock in the frays

The warmth, grace and mercy
Hath brewed the wine of love
I swim from a fish to a tadpole and to nothing
To unbecome from what about me I’m told

The fables threatened me and gave the self robe
Holding to which I’ve lost aplenty whole
To let go of self is yet a dreamy goal
Yearning of which life takes a leeward stroll

Mashook Rahman
Photo Courtesy: Internet

Just Penned!! – Until it ferments in love

No tavern shall stand proud
Until it serves the wine old
The brew never cracks crisp into soul
Until it ferments in love

Casks store wine for ages
Not a bit it tastes like self-righteous sages
If casks behave falsely well
At last would it taste the holy hell

Thirst breaks lovers into sands and grains
With dunes of longing and pain
Thirsty in search of wine divine
Awaiting the wine to slit strain

The tavern of lovers and thirst
Never runs short of songs and trysts
As long as the wine lives in the veins
So long sings back the love ravines

O wine! Hug the thirsty, flow! stretch!
Efface thy stink of pride
Smell the love from hearts’ depth
Melt beyond the brink of shade

Break the cask, let the wine flow
For the lovers in thirst can’t wait in row

Mashook Rahman
Photo Courtesy: Internet