Just Penned!! – Lust loses its fin

I’m peeled bare to feel my soul
I’m no more frozen in the cold
The shivering wave was of fear
Till the warmth of truth became dear

Lust loses its fin
As love takes the soul for a spin
Feet sparks heat from within
Earth glows in all love’s glint

The horizon of death and life fades
Soul’s daubed in depth of love’s shades
Rays of His mecry and the garb of His grace
Cloak my soul to rock in the frays

The warmth, grace and mercy
Hath brewed the wine of love
I swim from a fish to a tadpole and to nothing
To unbecome from what about me I’m told

The fables threatened me and gave the self robe
Holding to which I’ve lost aplenty whole
To let go of self is yet a dreamy goal
Yearning of which life takes a leeward stroll

Mashook Rahman
Photo Courtesy: Internet


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