Just Penned!! – Save Adam


Drinking from the same pond
Every soul behaves different
Which name of You in the drop,
Drives each in very many ways?!

Predators that prey on the timid
Have milk in the bosom for their kid
What a duality of existence!!
Yet, how unique create Thee!

When every bit of existence
Tick in rhyme with Thy will
What a farce I am
Living merrily merrily haughty

Stone me O Lord!
Kill the serpent in me
And save Adam!

Mashook Rahman
Photo Courtesy: Internet





Just Penned!! – Bidding Me Adieu


With the jolt of birth
Wings shred away
Shrugging Your mercy off
I’ve gone far astray

Trying to get the ends
Of life’s length meet
I’ve made many knots
And dug a trench neat

You ain’t surreal
Yet never surface
What’s all my wrong,
To meet you at my face?!

My skin has lost
The tender of your touch
I’ve gone into the dark
Licking into lust’s clutch

Mercy! Mercy! I’m bereaved
I’m faked of those that I believed
The jolt is all through me again
Don’t refrain, Don’t refrain

Flow over to wipe me away
Off the stains and pains away
Let me be but as a ripple in You
Failing into love, bidding me adieu

Mashook Rahman
Photo Courtesy: Internet






Just Penned!! – Noise in the null

The halftone of the light of wisdom,
Toasts me in Thy love
What a drip of dew in the heart,
Time takes me sip by sip!!

The melting existence smelts in Thy heat
I’m losing ground to Thee in fleet

What a battle of noise in the null
With no hint of loss, but of the hell
O keep adding to the heat of Thy love
Mince me thorough and rinse me with love

It’s hard to stay tall in the tussle
Give me a twig of Thy mercy to nestle

Mashook Rahman
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Just Penned!! – The Sam’a of silence

A pack of white storks on the peak of a tree
With wings reverently covering the peace of the chest
Every head down in silence
Was soaked in the music of soul
It was not a flock of birds
But a pack of souls so close

The wait had some weight
The white plumes were writing within
Every second of time with verse of love
Gulped the wine
Gulped the wine

With wings and a sky open
They gather in silence often
To forget a skill in love
Is the meaning of taking abode

Perched on the peak of wisdom
Storks smile at their prey
What else could be the best flight
In the realm of love
Away from self
Away Away!

Sam’a – The spiritual congregation of Sufi music where Sufis listen to spiritual poetry or songs and stay awe-struck in light of divine inspiration

Mashook Rahman
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Just Penned!! – Shots of wine


Two shots of wine
With sweet cherry divine
Sipped by the silence
I swim in wine in slices

The chalice is too big to toss love
With waves of wine rough
And an echo that is tough

Used to the rough rhythm
I hum back the sense of love
That stung me at birth
To ease the wine
And tease me with rhyme

Marooned in the awe of love
Wine rocks me with a lull
A lull that lights the soul dull
And snatches me from hell

O spell of love…
O the essence of cherry
O wine divine
Let me melt in the mix
Let me…
Let me…
Let me…


Mashook Rahman
Photo Courtesy: Internet


Just Penned!! – The fair of art


When colors stay in palette
They are named shades
When love brushes and mix them
The fair of art begins

Dots live in darkness
With sober light of love
When brush of love hits it
The flame of art evolves

The smudge of soul on the canvas
With poise grace and ease
Teases the taste of the lover
With its soul art and peace

The brush twists and twirls
The Sufi in radiant love
The mix knows no bounds
It flows, flows and flows

The frills of the brush
Dances in trance
The plush in blush
The art beams in slush


Mashook Rahman
Photo Courtesy: Internet