Just Penned!! – Bidding Me Adieu


With the jolt of birth
Wings shred away
Shrugging Your mercy off
I’ve gone far astray

Trying to get the ends
Of life’s length meet
I’ve made many knots
And dug a trench neat

You ain’t surreal
Yet never surface
What’s all my wrong,
To meet you at my face?!

My skin has lost
The tender of your touch
I’ve gone into the dark
Licking into lust’s clutch

Mercy! Mercy! I’m bereaved
I’m faked of those that I believed
The jolt is all through me again
Don’t refrain, Don’t refrain

Flow over to wipe me away
Off the stains and pains away
Let me be but as a ripple in You
Failing into love, bidding me adieu

Mashook Rahman
Photo Courtesy: Internet







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