Just Penned!! – The Sam’a of silence

A pack of white storks on the peak of a tree
With wings reverently covering the peace of the chest
Every head down in silence
Was soaked in the music of soul
It was not a flock of birds
But a pack of souls so close

The wait had some weight
The white plumes were writing within
Every second of time with verse of love
Gulped the wine
Gulped the wine

With wings and a sky open
They gather in silence often
To forget a skill in love
Is the meaning of taking abode

Perched on the peak of wisdom
Storks smile at their prey
What else could be the best flight
In the realm of love
Away from self
Away Away!

Sam’a – The spiritual congregation of Sufi music where Sufis listen to spiritual poetry or songs and stay awe-struck in light of divine inspiration

Mashook Rahman
Photo Courtesy: Internet






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