Just Penned!! – Put Together

Puzzle, Share, Smartphone, Mobile Phone, Touch, Finger

Virtues suffer;
Vultures prey on them!
Cultures are mocked,
Culprits etch them off!

Souls are indifferent
To see themselves in others
People are fed with hatred
To quench their thirst with blood

Skulls are numb
Truth is dumb
Deafens the shells
Birds no more hum

I’m on the Temple Run
Not caring of all that turns up
I laugh at prank videos
Not aware of being pranked!

My virtues are bought for free food
I go by the apps’ call
I know the harm of drugs
But I’m a chained game buff

I’ve learned to take selfie with corpses
I put a sorrow sticker for the funeral
Smiling at the mobile display
And Yes, I’ll buy the same suit for my funeral!!



Just Penned – Camera and Crime

Cctv, Surveillance, Security, Camera, Safety, Control

Streets were empty,
Heart’s were vigil
Conscience was on patrol
And the nights stayed quiet

The nights’ quiet was cruel
Truth was strangled at nights
The lecherous chose the dark
To gnaw at the victim and bark

Time has grown beyond time
With many tools to record crime
Every street corner has a cam
To tell the world, the crime, scandal and scam

People all, hold a third eye
With a perverted thought to pry
The third eye has gulped the hearts
And have sewn the sense to cry

Crime scenes are available cheap
For the cheap to take a peep
From rape of kids people watch
To see how the daring had their catch

Cams don’t seem to ensure safety
They only feature the civilians nasty
Perverts catch the glimpses tasty
Criminals bet the cams so hasty

Cams are vigil night and day
Eyes are losing compassion
Still hearts watch crime with no pain
Like cams that hang in silence


Mashook Rahman
Photo Courtesy: Internet

Just Penned!! – Trying to make things “better”

When fervent prayers could bring rains
What’s the use of rocket science?!
What have thee found?!
Or what do ye search?!

Postulates are void, when another is proposed!
Ye name thy fall “improvement” and “change”
Ye spread midst people, the innovation mange*
Ye break the nature and do what’s strange

Automation is an illusion
Indeed machines go by command
God is merciful to give autonomy
For us to create near to His creations

Ideas, models, prototypes and the like
Bloom within the human confines
The measures that gauge IQ
Proclaims its limitations

Ye are not the Creator
Nor, the Ultimate source of power
Ye ne’er bout with Him
Trying to make things “better”

But ye have taught me
To see the finesse of creation
The perfection of the creator
The intellect beyond its sense

See! Ye are the best of His creations
Have you paid your gratitude to the date?!
What hath made thee create things useless,
To spoil the earth and rake?!

Mashook Rahman
Photo Courtesy: Internet

Just Penned!! – The core of the web


I’m stranded between the pages
SEOs behave like CEOs of content
I’m naive enough to search the Internet
Yet, it serves me a lot of data in nano secs

The deluge of records flip me flop
Take me for a toss hip from hop
For search engines take
A “term” not a “thought”

From dictionaries to missionaries
Everything’s on the Internet
That I now believe to search for God
Yes, God on the Internet

Reaching the core of the web
I now think I’m connected
But, Actually I’m spun around
With cooked up information

After learning for years
Life demands to unlearn
Midst the process of unlearning
Career demands to relearn

I now stand stranded
Between the changing standards
I now wonder, why I obeyed
All the voicesless blaggards

Postulates proposed wear out in time
Theories proved become obsolete
Research findings always change
Generations pass half-baked

Why the hell should I be informed
With so many fake reams of data
I feel I’m invested upon with data
And ruthlessly harvested of blood

I wonder, have I a brain to think!
I should search it out on the Internet

Mashook Rahman
Photo Courtesy: Internet

Just Penned!! – Answering the Gadget’s Call

Time spent with smartphones, tablets, and computers can impact your ability to get healthy sleep. Turn off handheld devices and televisions at least two hours before bedtime. Try to avoid lying in bed and scrolling through social media and email before bedtime too. (U.S. Air Force photo illustration by Staff Sgt. Jamal Sutter)

Lured by the discounts,
I bought a smart gadget
The gadget was smart
But I thought I was!

The AI Asisstant was another hook
Politely, it made me feed it all about me
It was the last night, I remember I was sane

The gadget served me notifications
And I was pleased, as it reminded me
Forgetful of the fact, my mind was absent
I just looked at my device with all pride

The alarm was strict, and repeated daily
The location setting hinted my office time
My vacation habits, poured in lot of ads
Even my toilet’s tissue was known to the device

The device demanded my company
It kept me connected online
But, I was disconnected from myself
And was answering the gadget’s call

By the day, the device took my memory
By the day, it proved me a numbskull
On the mirror, I only saw a poor foolish being
I doubted my IQ and my personal being

The self-righteous device dictated me
The erroneous notifications frightened me
It was like a typical boss
That made me feel dumb

I lost sleep to answer the device
I lost weight obeying the device
I lost sense of freedom at last
Without the device, I felt vulnerable

Without making a backup
I just flung it on the floor
To save my mettle
To swim out of the boiling kettle

Mashook Rahman
Photo Courtesy: Internet