Just Penned!! – A dialogue on Alchemy with Rumi


Greedy of thy Alchemy
O Rumi, I’m after thee!
With so many daggers
Of thy love for Shams
I’m stabbed to bleed in love

Irony! Irony!
Only at this loss
Love is felt, alas!
Yet, what is thy Alchemy
What is its eternal cause?!

Every word of thee
Churns the soul out of me
The virgin oil of love
Swirls and swirls in glee

What is thy apparatus?!
What is thy proportion?!
What do you, in secrecy breed?!
Shams and you are quiet
What is in you, I need!

Everything that see you
Turns into you
And you owe it to Shams
What is thy Alchemy?!
What is its boon?!

So sick I am
Still bleeding in love
Tell me at once
Descend from above!

O stabbed pitiable friend!
Behold, it’s in thy blood!
Irony! Irony!
Even at loss
You never felt it, alas!

Mashook Rahman

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Just Penned!! – A tribute to Maulana Rumi (R.A)



For my grave is not a blunder
And my conceit is not a sin
I’m still ruminating
And in love I spin

The ruins have decayed
But for the light
I fell for You
You hold me tight

Ruptures of the earth
Have fallen behind
It’s you and me
The stolen benign

Jealous is the world
Zealous is the heart
Let all the world burn
In the glow
Of my love for you

Mashook Rahman

Photo Courtesy: Internet

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