Just Penned!! – When Nile shies away

I’m not in the limelight
Yet, my life is not sour
I don’t long for chandeliers
I enjoy the moon on my floor

I make a sky of my own
I don’t complain and moan
And I make an eagle’s flight
Unlike a controlled drone!!

I stretch my wings and float
Where no one can cut my throat
I’m not a canoe, not a boat
To stay tied in a stagnant moat

When Nile shies away from me
I make my own fresh water sea
I perch upon the Everest’s lee
And plunge upon what bets me

I know not how to gamble
I neither boast nor shamble
I may be haughty to see
But, that’s what I’m made to be!!

Hatched cracking the hard shell
Breathing the fresh blood’s smell
I can’t afford to carry a wreath
If so, toes will have my throat neath!

Bleak heart is warm now
But with a blood cold
Cold enough to split the sky
And bring a deluge upon the world sly!

Mashook Rahman
Photo Courtesy: Internet