Just Penned!! – Evading the Pipers’ tune

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I laughed for silly jokes of the teacher,
So did the whole class!
It came to be a transferrable skill,
Today, I laugh for jokes of my boss!

When an emotion is automated,
It is no more an emotion!
But, it works out magic,
With the matters of promotion!

When the lash of the whip,
Makes you smile,
When the sputum of the boss,
Becomes a drizzle divine,
When the lash on your dignity,
Is a blessing of a guru,
When you take it all for a family behind,
Silly jokes will make you laugh like a gun!

Being known for what you are not,
Being bullied for what you are,
Being celebrated for your fall,
Being gnawed for what you stand,
Is when agonies become rewards!

In a world,
Where the might is right,
In a world,
That falls for the pipers’ tunes,
Laugh no more for the silly jokes,
Laugh at those who crack’em!

Be yourself, and don’t give in,
Yet, act like you budge to commands!
Be sincere, and show no one!
Be sensible and count no one!
Be tactful and play to your strengths!
Be at your rationale, forgive the numbskulls!

Mashook Rahman
Photo Courtesy: Internet

Just Penned!! – List of “Not Applicalbes”

What’s your list of “Not Applicable”?
Most fill it in the place of love
Most fill it in the space for peace
Most fill it when pleaded for mercy
Most fill it when expected of grace
Most fill it when yearned for their time
Most fill it beyond the list’s line

Here’s my list of “Not Applicable”
I fill it when worries woo me
I fill it when self pity arises
I fill it when there rises my ego
I fill it when people infuriate me
I fill it when I’m tried to budge
I fill it when I’m to feel tired of myself
I fill it when others try deciding my life
I fill it when I feel like falling
I fill it when people wish to ignore me
I fill it when I’m tried to be silenced
I fill it when I’m pulled into a bout
I fill it when people want me to doubt
I fill it when people omit me
I fill it when I doubt my mettle
I fill it when my head stays high
I fill it when my heart stays low
I fill it when my soul falls for lust
I’ll fill it out whence, my body falls to dust

Not applicable, not applicable, not applicable
In any sense in my life, negatives are not applicable
In no sense in your life, should they be applicable

The spark and the fire are same in the spirit
Work to light up yourself and ash out all the darkness

Mashook Rahman
Photo Courtesy: Internet

Just Penned!! – When Nile shies away

I’m not in the limelight
Yet, my life is not sour
I don’t long for chandeliers
I enjoy the moon on my floor

I make a sky of my own
I don’t complain and moan
And I make an eagle’s flight
Unlike a controlled drone!!

I stretch my wings and float
Where no one can cut my throat
I’m not a canoe, not a boat
To stay tied in a stagnant moat

When Nile shies away from me
I make my own fresh water sea
I perch upon the Everest’s lee
And plunge upon what bets me

I know not how to gamble
I neither boast nor shamble
I may be haughty to see
But, that’s what I’m made to be!!

Hatched cracking the hard shell
Breathing the fresh blood’s smell
I can’t afford to carry a wreath
If so, toes will have my throat neath!

Bleak heart is warm now
But with a blood cold
Cold enough to split the sky
And bring a deluge upon the world sly!

Mashook Rahman
Photo Courtesy: Internet