Just Penned!! – I Dwell Where

On my way looking for light
I missed out the light
Cautioned by the harm of dark
I missed the blink of stars

The brink of night
Was itself too bright
My eyes failed to behold
For in my eyes
Was the light I searched
Upon which lust had perched

Greedy greedy feet of mine
Went on for the wine divine
Spilling my cask in dark
Failing to feel the wine in my veins
Streaming His love and warmth

Taking turns, I go nowhere
Where are Thee,?!
This isn’t fair!!

O, softbrained soul timid
I dwell where you fail and you fall!

Mashook Rahman

Just Penned!! – dunes of love


O, Endless sands of the dunes of love!
Where have the lovers tread?!
The crisscross trails of their feet
Adds to my love’s heat!

O horizon of the dunes of love!
Why do thy waves dust me?!
To keep me from my pace?!
To keep me out of the race?!
Had I not been patient,
To behold my love’s mirage?!

O, mirage of the dunes of love!
Whirl me with thy typhoon
Swoon me into thy grains of sands
To leave no trail of my fortune!

Mashook Rahman

Just Penned!! – Let the call be one

At a high rise outlet
I stand confused
To call with an azaan
To call with a gong
To call with some music
I’m confused on and on

What is this beneath my feet
A steeple, a minaret or a tower?!
Who were those who built this all?!
To which call would they come?!
should I thump a tambourine
Or rumble with a drum?!

Do every sound has a god?!
Or all reach to one?!
Or just fade away
Reaching to none?!

My call is “all unite in love”
That is what I long
If souls arrive beyond the curve
There we all belong

The greed of mind sees the land
Feet of soul feels the sand
Let every foot have a share
To stand as one and show some care

Let all of us pray for love
Let the call be one
If all could heed to my soul
That’s all and we are done!

Mashook Rahman

Just Penned!! – I peek into my being

From the gentle blow of the reed
He slipped into me as music to breed
Breathing His sense of love
Of all clutches of hatred I’m freed

Veins lit with the resonating consonants
He pumps in as unique vowels of sound
I’m composed into a symphony
With divine choir around

Pains are music to me now
Drains all my past
He shakes a leg with me now
To shag my tears apart

In silence I weep I weep
His love’s harvest reaped
Blood’s filled with harmony
I’m pecked by what I seeked

Meek in the warmth of love
I peek into my being
I see the pink of music of love
I long to see that I’m seeing

The clef lingers in soul
Blooming in music some more
The reed I kissed and blew
Took me through heaven’s flue

O beloved Lord!
Keep me in Thy company
As Your beloved symphony
Heavens could be a penalty
For I’m in love with Thee!

Mashook Rahman

Just Penned!! – Bent in Fruition


Right behind the boulevard
There is my orchard
Trespassing the boulevard
Where I reach every night

With fervent heart
I feel every fruit
Taste them with soul
And pick their sense

Then I throw myself
To see the stars
To only believe
My orchard isn’t a farce

What a taste of finesse
Watered with mercy
Bloomed to brim
To defy my heresy

The orchard glows
With innumerous rows
Bent in fruition
Into the boughs

As night slips
And sun covers the fruits
I trespass back to me
Leaving the cloak of ardent love
In the Orchard of love

O light! Hail Thee
My fruits ripe every night
For when Thy hand pick of me
I’ll offer those in love!

Embalm me with Thy fragrance
To flee the boulevard
Mercy! Come down to me at once
Don’t make Thy love so hard!

Mashook Rahman

Just Penned!! – I carry


I’m a loaded donkey
My master is at sleep
I’m heading to cross the ocean
To reach the peak that’s steep

My master’s load is heavy
Yet I’m light on my feet
Reaching the next door, I’ll stay
He’s got someone to meet

I carry, obey and bray loyally
As he keeps whipping me
I lick myself to wipe the pains
As he keeps kicking me

My master some day will learn
That we were both one
But lucky me, to leave the load
He has to carry on!

Mashook Rahman