Just Penned!! – Quench Till The Soul


Twilight is not a deception
Look, it suggests a horizon!
Being mortal is to kindle the love
To fade into the eternal horizon!

Light spreads in no time
Be the light, kill time!
Flow beyond the confines
The confines of the flesh

Flow into the ravines of love
Reach to the eternal springs
Drink to put off the burning heart
No haste, quench till the soul!

Etch thy self!
Be light!
Float, float, float like the horizon!
Twilight only slips from the sight
The light fills the thirsty eyes in the lee!

Mashook Rahman
Photo Courtesy: Internet

Just Penned!! – Knack of the Flame


The brief whisper of the wick died
Occupied the silent light

The pranic yoga of the light
Taught the balance of air and the flame
The flame evaded the blast of air
Yet consumed it for a long affair

The knack of the flame amused the soul
With the submission of the wick so whole
The mesmerized seiged darkness
Was falling in love with the light

The nothingness of exhaled air
Was returning with the light
With closed eyes and an open soul
The limits of everything felled

The wick was burnt to wisdom
The light was escaping realms
The breathe of the uncanny soul
Strived on its own

Darkness beseiged back
Light put off its soul
Wick fell onto the floor
Soul’s elegy downpoured

The brief sob of the soul died
Occupied the silent light

Mashook Rahman
Photo Courtesy: Internet

Just Penned!! -The well kept vault


The secret vault is well kept
Where I change faces
I gnaw at my good ones
And put up lust at once

I tread not through the streets
I float through filth in the air
I can clean my privacy settings
And can come out pretty fair
I still can rise a finger against
And complain a friend’s affair

The silly sense of “ID”
Excites my stealthy stare
I peep into the nasty of the things
Yet I speak the beauty of the Lord

Inwardly, I fear the hell
But not when it tickles my lust
I embrace the hot hot hell with love
Yet yearn for the heavenly dove

I treat God as a farce
Yet I warn people about the falling stars
I sell the reasons of doomsday good
To earn my crappy filthy food

I fear not the Almighty
As I fear servers, admins and hackers
To whom should I pray for my sins?
With whom should I keep trust?

O Lord! Rear me to Thy herd
I’m lost in the crippling WiFi smog
Cleanse my heart of the browsing log

Mashook Rahman
Photo Courtesy: Internet

Just Penned!! – Prayer for All


Pray for everyone as long as you breathe
Pray for everyone till your feet receives a wreath

Let your prayer choose which God to reach
Let your prayer bring universal love to preach

Let your prayer be free of its will
Let your prayer bring misty peace to the sill

Breathe humanity in and out
Keep your prayer for all afloat.

Mashook Rahman
Photo Courtesy: Internet

Just Penned!! – I ain’t open


I ain’t cracking down to let light in
I’m opaque to change and wisdom
I’m not something made of glass
I name myself “nothing”

I’ve neither tasted ingorance nor bliss
Never have yearned for silly kiss
I occupy no space anywhere
Nothing here could hold “nothing”

No pen could fill me to pen
I either refuse to flow
Or flow to smudge and spoil
I don’t like being a thought
Or settling into a draft

I ain’t a seeker with a purpose
Or a wanderer with thirst
I neither bubble with lust
Nor settle with trust

I ain’t open, as I ain’t closed
I ply with no axis
I ain’t heavily dozed
I water all nothingness
And swim through everything

O eternity!
I sweat to discover me
Wedge my vanity
Dissolve me into Thee!

Mashook Rahman
Photo Courtesy: Internet