Just Penned!! – Roots naive in faith

Stemmed in the desert shoot longs for the river
With roots naive in faith and shoot seeking afar

Seldom it tries reaching the water beneath
With a lasting thirst for mirage
The taste of deceit hath kept it away
From the drops of truth within

Complaining of the weaker trunk
Roots are left inert
The benevolent stream reaches who seek
Rest are left to die weak

Mashook Rahman
Photo Courtesy: Internet


Just Penned!! – Fantasies as Fate


In search of the greater self
Tried putting the scrabble in place
Tripping over my plenty faces
Lost into the fierceful race

Mixing and matching things bright
Fixing and mending things straight
Skinned my tender self late
To pen my fantasies as fate

In the mist of all that I yearned
I wandered to see me as what I believed
When at times truth came to face
Blew it off to stop its deceit

When with all that I’m tainted
I reached back to the mirror
I was lost in the make over
And my image was an error

The scrabble lays scattered still
My faces don’t match my self
The weeping self is heavy to lose
What it believes it to be

The greater self is laughing at far
It sounds super heavy
People like me count it for the void
And chase the farce to be what we see

Mashook Rahman
Photo Courtesy: Internet

Just Penned!! – Peace is a faint memory


The world is fighting
Not for peace but to calm
Policing is on a hike
While morals felled by mortals

Every head is furious
Peace is a faint memory
Weapons speak harsh
To keep calm the truth

The silence of truth
Is a disgusting fact
Painful is that
Truth doesn’t weep

The choke, the break, the cry inward
Heats this world from warming in calm

It’s not the fall of the glaciers
It’s fall of the gracious

Ravenously fed on truth’s flesh
Darkness seeks to prevail

All the veils would fall at once
When calm’s throttled by peace

Stop teasing truth with weapons
Eruption of truth never recedes

Mashook Rahman
Photo Courtesy: Internet

Just Penned!! – Strew more deeds of love

The void is all love
Kill the hellish crave for heaven
Stop pleasing Him for grace
Grace’s not a catch phrase

Warm the earthen pot
Once the stew is hot
Air the flavor far, afar
Inviting the poor to the fair

Make a deep handle of love
Or fix a rig to pour amore
With every scoop consumed
Feel the tainted soul relieved

The gust of breathe with peace
With drenched gut in ease
Is the breeze from the heaven
That saves from choking in graves

Strew more deeds of love
Not to secure heaven or spell out hell
Spend mercy to save grace
See not the cast, creed or race

Melt to the moment and serve
To serve selfless needs the nerve
Forget the measure and the curve
His caliper never goes by the metrics’ verve

The void is all love
Get lost into…

Mashook Rahman
Photo Courtesy: Internet

Just Penned!! – Stop feasting on flesh

O mortals! Why can’t we spare a morsel
The earth is bewitched with luxury
And is blind to poverty!

When sanctions shell the foe shortly
What holds us from lending a hand
Deafened to the cry of the needy
Coldly we deny and reprimand

When a part of this world rejoices
And indulges in hefty feasts
When pets are reared in castles
And fed with prescribed feeds

Fellow souls die of hunger
Listening to the haunting howls
With not even a spill of champagne
Nor the dust of crumb to taste

How arrogantly left out
How conveniently forgotten
How mercilessly ignored
How coldly let to die

The excess spend on colorful tastes
The excess dumped in yards to waste
Spade the grave for people to sleep
A duct we build to hell so steep

As we order our grub and wait
As we regret the delivery late
So many souls are dying away
No toll of cases written anyway

Unload the shells from the war vessels
Fill them with aid for the needy
Speed to the shores of death
Feed the needy with mercy

Let not the lands of famine
Drink tears anymore
Let not the eyes of bereaved
Spill blood anymore

Come!At once!

Mashook Rahman
Photo Courtesy: Internet

Just Penned!! – It’s time to think


Stop planting the world with hatred
No point in erecting symbols of respect
When you culture a reason to destroy

To save the likes intangible
You kill lives tangible
Just for the pride of your brain
You name people foe
And kill them in line

To your lip smacking taste for blood
You shade people with races and spread
To test all your nerveless weapons
You make treaties to unlikely heavens

What order is that thee seek?!
To make this world a better place?!

Who the hell do thee challenge?!
When His province is already the best
Your satanic spell of development
Mows this earth to erect hellish settlement

O people! Awake!
We’ve dried and fried this world
We’ve planted the lifeless metals and ions
We’ve dug the core for some ore
Feel! We are making pandemonium
Where satan wants us as slaves

It’s time to think and bereave
To repent and save mother earth
For the sake of the Father’s beloved!

Mashook Rahman
Photo Courtesy: Internet

Just Penned!! – The Halloween

The halloween is on
Souls wear shades
And hide the face in the garb

The garb is so silky
That the face slips into ditch

The ball room is full of bats
The stage is on the pitch dark ditch

Howling fills in for a song
And shades deceive each other

The brace and the dance with grace
Kneading the spine with a dagger
Goes on and on… and on…
Till the day’s break, and breaks the horror

The smile in the mask lives dead
The shades fade at the day’s break
The howling comes dust to dust
The bats flee to further darkness

Life lays dead in the dark ditch
Halloween awaits another night

Mashook Rahman
Photo Courtesy: Internet

Just Penned!! – Maketh Thee Thy justful Ark


Triggers are many that pull and tear
Inept soul runs in tears
O peace! Come, brace the weak
O Light! Come, brace the meek

Smog of sigh from the beheaded truth
Hath swooned this world wholly
Tender hearts fear to say
It doesn’t like the world today

In the name of saving
Murders are staged with rage
The stabbed kindness floats in blood
With beheaded truth besides

When would all this chaos die?!
When would the flag of peace fly?!
What kind of agreement seeks this world?!
To kill everyone and grieve in hell!!!

Shelling all the pleasant time
Hues and cries are filled in rhyme
What the heck does “power” mean?!
To fill the graves and don the sheen?!

O weak! O meek! O tender!
Save all your tears to heat this world
Let your sighs battle the smog of chaos
And bring the mercy’s rains near

On my knees, I plea Thee God!
Maketh Thee Thy justful Ark
Board us meek in flocks and flocks
Save us all from the crooks and dark

Mashook Rahman
Photo Courtesy: Internet


Just Penned!! – An Adamant Lotus

Like an adamant Lotus
Soul refuted the dew
Mercy was persistent
To slip through its petals

The bud was waiting for the moment
The moment was waving away
The dew of mercy reached its core
Lotus had no option but to bloom

The smile of the flower is adored
The mercy of the dew is unsung
Mercy dwells in the smile
Lotus learned shed its adamance
To adorn the scent of persistence

And dwell as a being of love

Mashook Rahman
Photo Courtesy: Internet



Just Penned!! – The Mail Trail

Life is a trail mail
With no copy to any
His messages are composed
With parlance many

Penned with care and mercy to share
He addresses in person
And waits to haul

We skim his words for blessings attached
Once downloaded, we get dettached

Time to time He follow us up
We trash His words or mark them spam

Mashook Rahman
Photo Courtesy: Internet