Just Penned!! – The Soul is at Home

Even a steep peak,
Has space for the feet!

When the horizons break,
When there’s no dusk, daybreak,
When from the peak,
Ravines seem plain,
The soul is at home,
The soul is at home!

When the body and the soul,
Meet each other,
And neither see the other,
The soul is at home!

When the soul swims into the universe,
And feels lost in truth,
The soul is almost at home!
The soul is almost at home!

Mashook Rahman
Photo Courtesy: Internet

Just Penned!! – Why I am not a bestseller!


I write; as I’m so gifted!
I write, not to gift it!
I write; as I feel like!
I write, not to impress!

When I think,
I see no printing press!
In my vision,
I see no selling stress!
Even in the wildest of the dreams,
I have no wish to sell in reams!

Neither I wish to bag awards,
Nor I pen for penny rewards!
I cherish and treasure the very verses,
I write not for what fits into the purses!

Call me not for writing workshops,
For me, workshops never work!
I write out my heart,
I make no product sought!

I’m not a bestseller!
I’m not a best seller!
I’m not a bestseller!
I’m not a best seller!

It is a pleasure,
To see the dawn singing!
It is a pleasure,
To sing the moon swimming!
It is a pleasure,
To breathe the morning mist!
It is a pleasure,
To twist a leg with bliss!
It is a pleasure,
To sip the tender dew!
It is a pleasure,
To write in words a few!

When the world put me down,
I picked up this writing!
I today, put upon a frown,
When the crazy,
Wish to get me crowned!

The crown may rust,
The crowd may fall to dust,
As long I’m soaked
In the elixir of words,
I will write for the very pleasure!

I’m not a bestseller!
I’m not a best seller!
I’m not a bestseller!
I’m not a best seller!

Mashook Rahman
Photo: My book wrapper

Just Penned!! – The Sourness of the Soul

All of us are from the old wine,
We are only poured into newer bottles!
We’ve become sour by our soul,
Yet seek sweetness in others!

We fermented souls,
When colliding with the cosmos whole,
In truth, we run into truth!
Yet we swim after the ripples,
Forgetting to sink to the depth!

The sourness of the soul,
Keeps us afloat!
We never hit,
To brew sweetness intent!

The bottle is cold,
The soul is sour,
The lid is tightly closed!
The soul’s in the sourness’ company,
The world without is still!

If the soul tastes sour,
At the wake of the hour,
What would it taste than bitterness?!
While this tasteless world,
Closes all the doors,
To a thorn-wrapped wilderness!!

O fermented soul,
Brew on, to bubble with sweetness!
For thy Lord made ye sweet,
Thy sweetness is at His feet!

Bow to His throne within!
Bow to His throne within!
Bow to His throne within!

Mashook Rahman
Photo Courtesy: Internet

Just Penned!! – Keep the imp engaged

Keep the imp engaged,
It is already voted to power!

Keep the imp engaged,
Its lust for power is brimming!

Keep the imp engaged,
Keep shooting it with the problems!

Keep the imp engaged,
Convene more meetings with the press!

Keep the imp engaged,
Invite it for the convocations!

Keep the imp engaged,
Let it preside the cultural events!

Keep the imp engaged,
It already taxes heavily!

Keep the imp engaged,
It might leap over us any hour!

Keep the imp engaged,
It might set all the woods alight!

Keep the imp engaged,
It might sell the motherland!

Keep the imp engaged,
It’s deadly when it is let loose!

Keep the imp engaged,
Starve it from meeting people of lust!

Keep the imp engaged,
Let it know, it’s a crowned orphan!

Keep the imp engaged,
For it is not confined to one nation!

Keep the imp engaged,
It is omniscient as power is!

Mashook Rahman
Photo Courtesy: Internet

Just Penned!! – Called to Victimize

Throw on an event,
Organize a conference,
Convene a panel,
Deliberate on some topic!

People fall to the call to victimize,
They look up to the collared cons!
As they seek a life of bliss,
The end up with death’s kiss!

The economy is a floating bubble,
That swims to the whims of its bosses!
The obsessed bosses whip it often,
To push the common to the abyss!

Businesses raise the customers,
Make them spend on their products,
Once the profit is made,
People, in masses, are nailed!

The world is a known old stage,
Adorned with dialogues!
Where peace talks happen,
To devise ways to devour peace!

Awesome show with perfect flow,
With reasoned stories blown!
Novice victims seldom know,
They are plotted to die in a row!

The educated dig into the news and data,
While the empowered position their muzzles!
The common mass is an overload,
That the hefty rulers wish to lose!

No talk has solved anything,
For problems are shifted at ease!
Pointing fingers hide the truth,
And Plot to rise to the throne!

Mashook Rahman
Photo Courtesy: Internet

Just Penned!! – Evading the Pipers’ tune

Image result for pied piper and the rats

I laughed for silly jokes of the teacher,
So did the whole class!
It came to be a transferrable skill,
Today, I laugh for jokes of my boss!

When an emotion is automated,
It is no more an emotion!
But, it works out magic,
With the matters of promotion!

When the lash of the whip,
Makes you smile,
When the sputum of the boss,
Becomes a drizzle divine,
When the lash on your dignity,
Is a blessing of a guru,
When you take it all for a family behind,
Silly jokes will make you laugh like a gun!

Being known for what you are not,
Being bullied for what you are,
Being celebrated for your fall,
Being gnawed for what you stand,
Is when agonies become rewards!

In a world,
Where the might is right,
In a world,
That falls for the pipers’ tunes,
Laugh no more for the silly jokes,
Laugh at those who crack’em!

Be yourself, and don’t give in,
Yet, act like you budge to commands!
Be sincere, and show no one!
Be sensible and count no one!
Be tactful and play to your strengths!
Be at your rationale, forgive the numbskulls!

Mashook Rahman
Photo Courtesy: Internet

Just Penned!! – I’m the Soul of a Dove!

I hop onto the blast of air,
Awe-stricken eyes follow me!
I just keep going with the flow,
As those eyes keep naming me!

Many see me as a crow,
Few want me to coo!
Some fear of me,
As they see an eagle in my shade!

I actually stay,
Air carries me away!
In every eye that sees me,
I’m given a name and a shade!

The blast of air,
Whispers the song of love!
Only it knows,
I’m the soul of a dove!

Eyes that see me,
Imagine of my nest!
But I wish keep going,
Until the nest finds me!

Mashook Rahman
Photo Courtesy: Internet

Just Penned!! – The “educated-tagged

I am a trainer,
I train tags!
I train the educated
With “To be trained” tags!

I have a neighbour,
Who trains his dog!
I get my lessons,
As I watch the dog!

There is a class of people,
Who need no education!
They have the wealth,
They need educated-tagged!

I train to keep the warmth,
Of the middle-class stew!
I train them to obey,
Even, if the “phew”!

We lived in a world,
That ruled by the colour!
We live in a world,
That rules by the collar!

The educated-tagged,
Have no identity!
They should upskill today,
Or die tomorrow!

I’m proud at times,
That I train the educated-tagged!
When I run for my piece of crumb,
I forget, I’m a dog!

Mashook Rahman
Photo Courtesy: Internet

Just Penned!! – Bills! Bills! Bills!

Bills! Bills! Bills!
Human blood is shed,
When bills pass!

Sentences, statements and verdicts,
Throw truth away!
Truth trespassed today,
When bills make their way!

Who the hell are they?!
That divide and dictate our ways!
Why in the name of peace,
You murmur to torture and tease?!

Lands that drifted away,
Ne’er taught you the parting ways!
How on earth, you learned to divide?!
How on earth, your learned to divide?!

Civilizations are truly uncivilized
When established through oppressions!
Why don’t you wish to co-exist?!
What makes you different from the commons?!

Naive and the timid are filed,
Upon your greed’s spike!
Aren’t your greed quenched,
With the timid’ dripping blood?!

Write no more bills,
Dipping in the blood spills!
Create no more qualm,
Or shut your doors and die calm!

If powers have something to do,
Let it heal the world!
The earth is already hurt,
Pass no bills that rape her too!

Mashook Rahman
Photo Courtesy: Internet

Just Penned!! – Cloud nine and the silver line

When one cloud of the nine fell,
I saw beyond the hell!
Ream of dreams flowing ahead
Were clouds of filthy smell!

The heaven I dreamt of,
Was really the hell!
For, the lust for heaven,
Is really the hell!

Mercy upon mercy,
Is light upon light!
Dreams without deeds,
Bring blight upon blight!

The cloud nine had a silver line,
I’ve hauled sweating along!
The silver line hath blinded me,
From a humble lovely song!

A coo of love and His mercy,
Have turned me from the hell!
I’ll take a dip in this syllabic brook,
And flow to His feet to jell!

Cloud nine and the silver line,
Could no more woo me!
For I’ve flocked to my Lord,
Nothing could move me!

Mashook Rahman
Photo Courtesy: Internet