Just Penned!! – I’m on the look out for me

I’m not reading anything new
As I haven’t done any good
With what I read and knew!

Books seem to be villainous
They put me
Under a notion,
An opinion, or a perspective
I don’t read the dailies
They seem like
Winking at me from the pathways

I’m not worried about
The causes and effects
I’m not worried about
The world politics

I gnaw at the scornful cams
Least bothered about
The barred dams

I don’t listen
To the dunning weapons
Handled by the dreadful demons

I don’t pity the victims
I don’t care
Happen what may around me
I’m on the look out for me

I’m not in the books
I’m not in the dailies
I’ve not taken bullets
I’m not into politics
I don’t peek into people

When the world is happy
Doing all the bad
What’s the point in brooding on?!

I’m on the look out for me

Mashook Rahman

Just Penned!! – The Broken Magic Wand


I found a wand neath my feet
The wand was calm and still
Taking the wand, I just whipped the air
Nothing came or cared to crackle!

Yet, I had my wishes spelled
The air was still, the air was still
Even I used my name to chant
Nothing moved, the air was still

I broke the wand and wandered
With no aim, I meandered
All my spells fell slander
I kicked the wand that reprimanded

There broke lightning in the sky
Jolted me, running shivers through the spine
There, I heard the trumpet of the tusker
Then, I heard a lion’s roar

The land was not fit for such fauna
Even I didn’t belong there
As I wondered what brought them there
My wand just winked at me

I was caught up with the dread of greed
The night was rude, I feared I’d bleed
I thought of putting the wand back to shape
Till the dawn, the dread had me raked!

At the dawn, I blushed in shame
The wand was just a piece of dog’s bone!

Mashook Rahman
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Just Penned!! – The Last Supper

The world is the cross
And everyone next is Judas

The world is approaching the last supper

Every grain and gulp of which is venomous
The fallen angels still fight for the minerals

Picking the best fuel for their rivals’ funerals

The jealousy foolish mankind is easy to tempt

That greed has taken over in all its attempt
The soils are in dispute

The waters are completely pollute

The air is filled with filth of greed

Humans have mutated into a different breed
The deep cold hearts are stirring the stew

To serve every fellow and to leave only few

The last supper I had just then…

Reminds me the last supper every then
The break of the mischief of the hellish hellish mind

Hath spelled filthy wrath on lustful humankind

Benign Lord is the binding force behind

That keepeth the soul from falling off blind
O Lord of the last supper..

Shower us with wisdom and peace

Let not the mean stink of Satan take over us

With all his ways of tempting and tease
Give us the strength to starve

Give us the strength to strive

Give us the strength and the drive

Till back on soil, mercy arrives
Hail Thee O Lord!

Hail Thy might and grace

Let me not fall for the hefty feasts

Till Thy merciful hand descend and feeds
Hail.. Hail.. Hail Thy mercy!

Mashook Rahman

Just Penned!! –

I’m the gray space
That yearns for grace
My steep base
Defies me a face

Withered wings
Giggled at me falling
The hard stains of sins
Pull me down

I feel the gravity of grace
Escaping into vanity
The parity of darkness heavy
Kept me falling straight

My gray being
Is tossed to be black
My gray being
Yearns to be white

The gray ne’er slips off me
Yet I slip off with the gray
Nowhere to perch and stay
Would mercy berth me today?!

Mashook Rahman
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Just Penned!! – The lull of denial

I’m used to the lull of denial
That keeps me sleepless

For it has mend my heart fine

To the twists of life clueless
I harken in silence

To the darkened fate

I’m tired of waging

Fruitless debate
To gaze at nothing

Is indeed a noble trait

Than to look for something

That never turns straight
Like the crackle of a poem

I explore the soul’s core

At the depth of darkened fate

Lies the whole score
The scores of denial lull

Heats the rhythm of life

Keeps me on and on

To win with lovely strife
I see darkness,

As I’m the light

I’ll glow drinking it

Till I kill the night
Mashook Rahman

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Just Penned!! – Let Me Enjoy the Wedding

O love, carry me…

Let me not in the coffin

Make my grave, a bed of roses

Bloomed out of the tears I sowed
Let me enjoy the wedding

When people sob in my funeral

Blow the love’s clarion for me

When people carry me crying
Give me a stroke of time to breath

The freshness of heaven

In the condolence wreath

Give me moment to laugh

At those who mourn,

Who have lost a half
Love for Thee

Hath made life unceremonious

Let me celebrate love

With all peace now
O love, carry me

Let me not in the coffin

Nails, locks and latches are a farce

For the soul that’s free

From the frenzy mass
Mashook Rahman

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Just Penned!! – Cuff me in Thy Love

Thy mercy is upon the whole of beings

Thy love is a chaste precious treasure to snatch
Though the doors of love are open

The heart of this world consumed crook is closed
Thy fair of love is jaded with love

The heart of this bereaved beloved sobs
O Love, tear the veil of Thy mercy

Take me into Thy glowing love
Lord, I surrender

Lord, I surrender

Lord, I surrender
Cuff me in Thy love
Mashook Rahman

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Just Penned!! – I’m a Running Verse

I’m a running verse 

That flows beyond the periods

Pulling the thoughts along

Flowing towards the infinity
Whenever sanity suggests a stop

The soul spout starts pouring

The wine brewed within

Starts frantically flowing
As I flow beyond the periods

I rub the ages along

I’m a lovely song of time

That chimes the eternity gong
I flow through the hearts

Through the sulky spots

I wave with the waters

Float with heavenly matters
I long not for the horizon

I flip the skies flowing

I have no poles to follow

I just keep flowing
As a song perennial

I flow towards the truth

Taking the souls I touch

To take abode in truth
Though I’m a song

Just read me not

Flow along with me

Catch my sense hot
Mashook Rahman

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Just Penned!! – ​The grapple with the shopping app

I downloaded a cup of venom

Available at just a tap

A free of cost app

That tied me without a clasp
I see a wicked gnaw

I’m scratched by a filthy claw

The lure is the mart

That tries nabbing me to the cart
The checkout is blinking

The offer tags are kinky

Driving me almost nuts

To buy the useless with utmost guts
The heart that shrinks at the needy

Throbbed like a lustful dog

The device that had the holy book

Kept me off the tempting fog
For everytime I close the app

Without at least buying a cap

The consumer fever snatched my nap

And I feel poor and feel a gap
It makes me forget His mercy

It makes me complaining and longing

At the stroke of a weak moment

It makes me jealous and burning
The mysterious big data blow

Makes it hard to stand an online shop

No blissful greetings

No surprise meetings
It kindles all the greed and pride

And takes me for a frenzy ride
With all might and prayer

I’ve once again closed buying nothing

O Lord, I thank Thee

For Thee kept me from selling me
I wish to burn my wishlist

I swear, wouldn’t add anything to the cart

I wish looking out for the needy

And help those in despair
Thank you online shop

I’ve bought my senses back

Stop your stealthy prying

And stop your filthy trying
Mashook Rahman

Just Penned!! – Humanity – The new UFO


The World is equipped with newer tools
Whose prototypes the ages have praised
The flints that gave the first sparks for light
Now cry for having taught exploding

The threat of alien invasion
Unveils the truth of their non-existence
The dread of human wickedness
Is uglier than the alien invasion

Humanity is the new UFO
The “unidentified feature often”
The hell is taking its perfect shape
In the bosoms of hatred rotten

Release all the stinking gasses
Kill all the tenderly masses
Leave not the breeze that passes
Leave not the bit of carcasses

O, zombies
Resurrect to your human form
Believe! Humanity is still the life’s norm
Nudge all the muzzles of weaponry
Budging to love shouldn’t be secondary

Plant more love than the mines
Breath love into the trench in the ravines
Expel the hatred imposed
Impel the love deposed

The dream of conquests
Only end in making graveyards
Not empires!!

Mashook Rahman
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