Just Penned!! – Idle man’s brain is devil’s workshop

Yes, it is devil’s workshop!
When I sink into the void,
Where “I” is null and void,
When “I” settles down,
And God’s to takeover,
Devil rushes in,
To talk his ways to win,
Devil doesn’t want me to think,
Hence he gives me thought and ink!
Yes, when I’m idle he works to tickle me wrong.

Worldly thought is a potion,
That makes you forget yourself!
In truth, you are above thought,
In truth, you are above thought!

To reach beyond your thoughts,
You need sink into the void!
And when you sink and idle
Devil rushes in!
Yes, idle brain is devil’s workshop

When you start to pray,
Devil finds an easy way,
He doesn’t want you to settle,
And bets on your mettle!

Idle, but in His thought
Never give in to the devil,
Keep hitting at zero!
Keep hitting at zero,
To swim through to God!

Mashook Rahman
Photo Courtesy: Internet

Just Penned!! – Back to Paperback

We have envied the bookworms in us,
Like we kill the earthworms!
We chide One-size-fits-all,
Yet seek one stop solution!

We develop short-lived addictions,
And kill healthy habits!
With the smartphones in hand,
We’re interested in many things,
Which equals to nothing!

Ah, the pleasure of reading a book,
With the smell of its age was great!
The privilege of reading,
Has reduced to push marketed content!

Paperbacks never hurried us,
They never notified of the “next articles”!
Never they lined-up other authors beside,
Never they asked for our personal information!

Smartphones keep beeping hastily,
Making monkeys out of us!
Munching here and there,
We get lost into discussion threads!

Paperback indeed befriended us,
Made us enlightened polite and humble!
Online readers take to poles,
Fight like ruffians on a rumble!

Pages on a paperback,
Were nothing more than a paper!
The only “fan” page I knew,
Was when there was a power outage!

Online fan pages are hot,
With lewd, filthy comments!
Healthy reading is dead already,
We are prey to the moments!

In the name of convenience,
We have lost the sense of freedom!
Think twice, before you download an e-book,
But, don’t forget to order mine online!

Mashook Rahman
Photo Courtesy: Internet

Just Penned!! – The Rubbles of Bones

World is breaking brick by brick,
Build no more places of worship!

Beware, you may end up filling
Your building’s bases with the rubbles of bones!

Muzzles of guns are spitting on humanity,
Missiles rip the sanity leftover!

When hearts are sinister,
What would dwell in the sanctum sanctorum?!

When the building is erected with
Corrupt money laundered,
Why make futile prayers there?!

When hearts yearn for a genie to obey,
What’s the use of bowing to God?!

When the soul is in the hell of greed,
Why sob you, yell and plead?!

Fellow souls are killed for no reason,
We fell humanity, justified with reasons!

The air is filled with too many last breathes,
We intake the air with blood!

Yet we build lavish worship places,
And keep aloof of the cries of the masses!

Your God is all seeing,
Why ye not at least see beside?!

Your God is all hearing,
Why ye not at least heed to your soul?!

Build your heart to house some love,
Dare the treasonous, treacherous and more!

Lend a hand to the dying humane,
Come out of your greed insane!

Mashook Rahman
Photo Courtesy: Internet

Just Penned!! – Good days are here to stay

No day is gone,
Nor it is born!
O frenzy crooks,
Praise His mighty rooks!

Time is such a mirage
That is not clock-wise
Flesh is a mirage,
That’s not wise!

Why do thee dictate,
When ye not obey?!
What hath made you haughty,
From a little kid, naughty!

Ne’er say the good days are gone,
Ne’er blow the brooding horn,
Ne’er say that good’s oe’r,
Ne’er dream the doom of good!

Even for the word’s sake,
Ne’er give the bad a stake!
They ne’er would stand the share,
All they care is not to care!

Good days are here,
We live it everyday!
Good times are here,
We clock it every then!

As long as you love the good,
The world is good enough for good!
So long you trust in Him,
He keeps you in His light’s brim!

Mercy’s His warmth around,
Stroll, take a merry go round!
Stop spending on wars,
Need not take a trip to Mars!
Your very grave’s neath your feet,
Enjoy the soil and its treat!
We are the very piece of the dust,
And to dust we return!

Live good and leave the good behind,
The days will never go by!
Good days are here to stay,
As long as we live good today!

Mashook Rahman
Photo Courtesy: Internet

Just Penned!! – The true Pilgrim

O flesh of mine…
Where are you set to?!
Are you on a pilgrimage,
Which is your destination?!

O flesh of mine,
Are you set on to Mecca?!
Are you set on to Kailash?!
Are you set on to Jerusalem?!
Are you set on to Amritsar?!
Are you set on to Gaya?!

O flesh of mine,
Are you a true pilgrim?!
Wouldn’t you see,
All these places are on this one earth?!

O flesh of mine,
What difference you see of the holy places?!
The scripts, the chants and the rituals?!
See! Everything springs from the soul!
See! Every soul is set on to take abode with love!

O flesh of mine,
Spit all the “pil”ls of myths!
Stop being “grim”!
Be a true pilgrim!

O flesh of mine,
You are to only carry me!
I won’t get carried away by your charms!

O flesh of mine,
Stop being small, weak and vulnerable,
Tread towards truth!
Flow to the bosom of love!
Heaven is yet another confinement,
Don’t trade the treasure of love,
For the want of it!

O flesh of mine,To dust are thee to turn,Stop your search for the holy land,
See! The Earth is holy in entirety!Mashook Rahman
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Just Penned!! – Logout! Save your Faith!

I crawl through the web of the heart
I read all the content
There are key phrases
With people’s sins’ traces

I munch over the cookies,
For the flavour of their privacy!
I laugh at all their true faces,
And sting from within their fake identities!

Even worse, I crawl the dark net!
I get to the abyss of their perversion!
What saintly names are those,
That eats heaps of binary feces!

Yes, I wove the web for them,
For I had bet the divine sovereign,
Of filling the hells with human coal,
Charred with sins and smelling foul!

I feed them with their wishes,
And buy their very fleshes!
I ain’t their fall’s reason,
I ain’t their fall’s reason!

I’m happy about the judgement day,
In that scorching sun I’d make my hay!
For every soul will be in fear,
For their own fleshes witness bear!

Doomed am I yet blessed to win,
To dump you souls in beer tins!
I’ve offered you the hell of good,
Cooked you sour for the heaven’s good!

Logout! Save your faith!

Mashook Rahman
Photo Courtesy: Internet

Just Penned!! – Run a Recovery

We have failed!
Yes we have!

Birth is an uncalculated risk,
From whence you and I are data!
We are traced, tracked and tried,
To be loyal to do crooked tasks!

Education extorts money,
Makes brains numb!
Assessments are high in numbers,
To cheat parents dumb!

There is no appreciation of the divine,
Doesn’t matter, we are reared swines!
When nothing teaches to live,
What the hell we’re forced to learn?!

It was for the rigs and mines,
It was for the production lines,
It was for keeping the books,
It was all for feeding the computers!

Now everything is almost done!
Machines learn on their own,
We’ve bought the tyranny,
For our very flesh, blood and bone!

Erroneous ears of the Asses,
Are now sharp with data!
Data is the new oil,
That pushes us slaves to toil!

We have taken a hard skid,
Into the hard disk!
We are no more 3D lives,
Only magnetic tapes and ID swipes!

When we data go obsolete,
And our credit scores fall,
When our credit card can’t take a swipe,
We are wiped off the system straight!

We are labelled consumers,
But are fed to be consumed!
Yes, we have failed terribly!
Yes we have!

Nobody would run a recovery,
Until we do ourselves!

Mashook Rahman
Photo Courtesy: Internet

Just Penned!! – Online Courses

In the course of time,
There have come lot of courses!
Life expectancy is on the rise,
Course validities decline!

Courses rear Livelihood,
Their catalogues create cattles!

Learning is a lifelong process,
Learning helps you haul life along!

Yet, billionaires are mostly dropouts,
Whose Bio is prescribed to be read!

Schools are busy making “products”,
Scholars are seen rare!

Teachers are belittled by search engines,
Neither school nor the society cares!

People learn for a living,
Upskill to attend jobfairs!

Purpose of learning is lost,
Every course comes with a cost!

Most courses go invalid,
At the end of the course carried!

Course outcomes are still planned,
To take you to the nowhere land!

We code to kill our kids’ job
On which AI has an eye!

Degrees have fallen to great degrees,
Institutions are becoming void!

Data bandwidths make the tutors,
Wavelength with teachers has gone!

Yet there is a course for everything,
To teach you save toilet papers!

When life is not learned
In the course of life,
What’s the point in Skilling on?

Learn to know thyself,
At least for a valid death certificate!

Mashook Rahman

Photo Courtesy: Internet

Just Penned! – Hot-gorgeous hell

Heaven is all dust,
The angels are sad!
Souls throng the hell,
And are happily mad!

The last twig of truth,
Holds its last leaf to wither,
Its lost hope yearns
For the repenting tears!

O dark souls,
Cry for thy light!
Are you happy,
To die into the hell?!

Peace and solace,
Are in repentance!
Pleasure and power,
Are in true penance!

Freedom is in the submission,
Liberty is being steadfast in faith!

Expensive coffins,
Are still coffins!
A sigh of relief,
Is a piece of heaven!

Come O dust,
Out of your lust!
Run away,
From the hot-gorgeous hell!

Mashook Rahman

Photo Courtesy: Internet

Just Penned!! – When soul brims in love

He pours out of His kindness,
His mercy upon the dust!
Until the dust blooms with a heart!

The blood inspired by Him,
Cleans all the veins!
Bringing the light to life within,
Love brims, brims within!

When soul brims in love,
It’s blessed with eyes to pour!
When soul brims in love,
It enjoys the sweet out of the sour!
When soul brims in love,
It’s blessed with wings to flow!

When soul brims in love,
It shrugs it’s form of the foe!
When soul brims in love,
It awaits it’s turn in row!

When soul brims in love,
It yearns to leave it’s form!
When soul brims in love,
It yearns for His bosom’s warmth!

It’s nest is made of twigs,
Daring the sun above!
It’s nest has not any door,
Open to take abode!
It’s nest is made of twigs,
For the storm of love,
To set its road!

Mashook Rahman
Photo Courtesy: Internet