Just Penned!! – The lull of denial

I’m used to the lull of denial
That keeps me sleepless

For it has mend my heart fine

To the twists of life clueless
I harken in silence

To the darkened fate

I’m tired of waging

Fruitless debate
To gaze at nothing

Is indeed a noble trait

Than to look for something

That never turns straight
Like the crackle of a poem

I explore the soul’s core

At the depth of darkened fate

Lies the whole score
The scores of denial lull

Heats the rhythm of life

Keeps me on and on

To win with lovely strife
I see darkness,

As I’m the light

I’ll glow drinking it

Till I kill the night
Mashook Rahman

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Just Penned!! – Let Me Enjoy the Wedding

O love, carry me…

Let me not in the coffin

Make my grave, a bed of roses

Bloomed out of the tears I sowed
Let me enjoy the wedding

When people sob in my funeral

Blow the love’s clarion for me

When people carry me crying
Give me a stroke of time to breath

The freshness of heaven

In the condolence wreath

Give me moment to laugh

At those who mourn,

Who have lost a half
Love for Thee

Hath made life unceremonious

Let me celebrate love

With all peace now
O love, carry me

Let me not in the coffin

Nails, locks and latches are a farce

For the soul that’s free

From the frenzy mass
Mashook Rahman

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Just Penned!! – Cuff me in Thy Love

Thy mercy is upon the whole of beings

Thy love is a chaste precious treasure to snatch
Though the doors of love are open

The heart of this world consumed crook is closed
Thy fair of love is jaded with love

The heart of this bereaved beloved sobs
O Love, tear the veil of Thy mercy

Take me into Thy glowing love
Lord, I surrender

Lord, I surrender

Lord, I surrender
Cuff me in Thy love
Mashook Rahman

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Just Penned!! – I’m a Running Verse

I’m a running verse 

That flows beyond the periods

Pulling the thoughts along

Flowing towards the infinity
Whenever sanity suggests a stop

The soul spout starts pouring

The wine brewed within

Starts frantically flowing
As I flow beyond the periods

I rub the ages along

I’m a lovely song of time

That chimes the eternity gong
I flow through the hearts

Through the sulky spots

I wave with the waters

Float with heavenly matters
I long not for the horizon

I flip the skies flowing

I have no poles to follow

I just keep flowing
As a song perennial

I flow towards the truth

Taking the souls I touch

To take abode in truth
Though I’m a song

Just read me not

Flow along with me

Catch my sense hot
Mashook Rahman

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