Just Penned!! – Stink of a Sinking Soul

Everything craves going “viral”
Nothing seems to seek a cure!
Victim gazing is the newer face,
Of erupting humanity pure

The one-eyed Satan in hand
Pries everything under the sun!
Sharing has assumed a cruel sense,
We peddle the Satan’s pun

O brainless human gadgets!
Don’t you realise your device handles you?
The cam on your phone
Is the one eye of Dajjal the Anti-Christ

Keep making data
And keep spying on you
Put the locator on your device on
To get a shell in your place
Or a bullet in your head

Eat, mate and make merry
Dig every day to get burried
Making the most of pleasure on earth
Make your way to the darkest of the graves

You shit on every truth and faith
And pee on holy scriptures with rage
Do you think you’re on the way to His grace?
Hell is all happy for you to brace

O mindless, merciless, heartless creed
Realize slaves, wake up, get freed
Never run after the gleam of the cream
For it might be colored goo to feed you to scream

Throw all your nutty ideas
Refrain from the filthy lust
If at all you could plant some peace
Sow it emptying a shell at least

Cry and pump your compassion inert
Feel for all and take some effort
Feel that your pleasures have clutched you from thought
Flee to His throne and beg pardon alot

He is to descend for the mankind
But He is to redeem those who are kind
Throw out of the heart your device
Free your neck from the crevice

Don’t you ever shoot a shot victim that bleeds
Never betray a departing soul’s plea
Before making the next viral post
Heal your heart and try becoming a host

Get lost from the world of virtual
Get firm stance on truth and virtue
Look around you…
You are about to sink!!

Mashook Rahman
Photo Courtesy: Internet


Just Penned!! – Unite under His luminous grace


Let one syllable of love
Sing Jihadis into dust
O muzzles with lust for flesh
You’ll be put in short to rust

The tender hearts in prayer
Shakes His throne you know
Whom you sell as the Judge
Is all merciful with no glimpse of grudge

Who the hell are you
To guarantee heaven with guns
If truth be on your side
Utter words of love at once

For every false progress made
He keeps ready a deadly spade
You cowardly filthy shade
Go you fade! Go you fade!

He is the king
Whose praise we sing
His throne is not the power ring
His throne is the bosom that milks love
His heart melts for the one betrayed

Your harshly harshly ways
The deadly weapon and pace
To kill the human race
Will be spelled with all disgrace

There will no more be noon
You’ll all go swoon
The dawn of mercy will stay
Chasing you all astray

Souls of heaven on earth
Befriend every brethren soul
Let all the confines of races fade
Unite under His luminous grace

Let “we” breathe for all
Gather and give peace a haul
Let onness of love raise as a prayer
And bring down the angels
Upon all the slayers

Mashook Rahman
Photo Courtesy: Internet

Just Penned!! – Dawn of Peace

O cursed hands that sculpt weapons
With crush for lives you kill heavens
What at all you fight on earth,
To skin timid souls and eat melons?

With sluts and whores minding the world
Children are raped at every corner
What the f**k your thing’s made of
You filthy stinking odour

The stink of the pandemonium
Has become the fragrance now
O horny devil’s horns
Curse upon thy newer worldly order

O eye that peeps to spy
Let you be rained with curse
O wretched hearts face your befall
For thee nurture bad and nurse

The honk of the horn is not too far
The day of judgement too
All the shells and evil spells
Are to fall in hell

Let the world be filled with peace
Which every soul relishes and ease
O the hand of Mercy descend
O the light of truth ascend

Mashook Rahman
Photo Courtesy: Internet

Just Penned!! – The silhouette of soul

The silhouette of soul moves
In the light of eternal love
Struggles midst taking shape
And getting lost in the shade

Ignored by the hues of love
Painted dark by the distance
The silhouette of soul
Jitters within to face the face of love
Changing skies nag the soul
Complains of the darkness whole
O Merciful, stop this troll
In Thy light, give a stroll
Kill the distance
Fill the distance
Erase me bright
Give deliverance
HuHu… HuHu… HuHu
Mashook Rahman
Photo Courtesy: Internet

Just Penned!! – Breathe in His love

Solace! Solace! Solace everywhere
With naively self withering away
Leaving the branches empty
Spring, bliss and light, all at once
Graces the soul with Grace!

O withered self!
Leave not a trace not a clue
Leap and fall under His mercy’s shade
That what’s timid never needs a spade

Breathe in His love
Dock on to peace
Sail in love
Like a vessel cuddling the waves

Shedding some twigs for a nest
Stretching out for some soul to rest
Will only make your being so whole
Will let you in heaven with Him for a stroll

Let your ends loose
Slit all the pods of desires mean
Wipe away all your fatty dream
Just be, as He is He!!

Mashook Rahman

Just Penned!! – Goblets of fiery wine

Set ablaze, I’m on my pyre
O Lord, add some more fire!

Thick skins of mine never yields to Thee
Burn me in Thy hands and set the soul free!

Wading into the woods of Thy fiery love
I dreamed of blowing it cold
Thy heat hath sucked this dreamer dry
Breath a packet of Thee to set me lit

Kill all the cold selfish songs
That sing to praise and please
Descend to me as a lover rude
Kill all the crease and tease

O my Lord, I’m not a bard
To sing Thy praise and please
I believe in Thy harshly harshly ways
Just slit me from world to ease

Give me some goblets of fiery wine
To quench with to bellow the thirst
At once sing back this lovely tryst
“I love Thee” in short is the gist

Mashook Rahman

Just Penned!! – Gathered into Existence


I’m an ageless sediment of coal
Gathered into existence hard
So dark! So dark! So dark!
That I enjoyed it so dark

Escaping the pickaxe
Treasuring myself deep within
I’ve laid inert and too tight
I’m so hard for a worm’s bite

Point zero hit the pitch at once
A tremor of light hit the soul dunce
Deep beneath stalked a sudden magma
Delinks the bond with haughty stigma

Pressure from within crushes the atom
Awe and fear smelts at the bottom
Tired of this being and inert existence
Heart sways the hip and twists a leg

O eternal light of lights
Hook me out of the selfish bait
Mark not me with a scarlet letter
Make me a song from an erred stutter

Soothe my darkness to heal as light
Fit me uncut in Thy throne’s height
Let all my darkness face befall
Let only Thee in me revolve

Mashook Rahman
Photo Courtesy: Internet





Just Penned!! – Keep Me Lit


In the pitch dark of the heart
I brew a sun of love
Peeling the sins off
Kneeling with tears on

The sin of pride
Takes me for a ride
Oh Merciful! Merciful!
Bring down this stride

With a wistful heart
With fistful wishes
With lustful thoughts
I docked at Thy door

The lust for light
Is a capital sin
Thy Denial taught
This wistful heart

The first sky of denial
Threw me back into the hell of self
Crawling in the mire
I gather the Adam in me

O mighty! O mighty!
Let not the slice of apple
Keep me in belittled birth
Let not the slice of apple
Burry me in the eternal trough

Let not the heart in the pitch of the dark
Set me free.. to be not but be

Kill all the waves of pros and cons
Chop and mince all my devil’s horns
Breath me with Thy Holy Spirit
Once again light me and keep me lit

Mashook Rahman
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Just Penned!! – The Bounty Beyond


Seeking the way to Thy heart
I keep erasing the path
Let Thy light walk in to me
Fading the last of my shadow away

Cast in the spell of awe
Forgetting the worldly law
The frantic footloose soul
Joins the galactic dance

Knots of the heart undone
Thunders of peril undone
Soul eclipses the limits of flesh
With light squeezed from within

With waves of love singing HuHu HuHu
Breaking the riddle of everything
The numbness of self withers away
Embalming with amber of love

Swinging in the lull of the lovely boon
It struck of the bounty beyond
With one thorn of the Lord’s Eden
At once into pool of pain

Let me lay here and stay too
His mercy eclipses His love
For boon is a pinch of the bounty
Who loots should fight for it all

Mashook Rahman
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Just Penned!! – No Row at Position Zero”


“There is no row at position zero”
Repeated the site I tried to enter
The error message was a splinter
That sparked a thought at my soul’s center

Commands remain commands
The server fails time and again
Stays the command intact,
With mercy, it only pleads to correct

How sound the call may be
Souls are weak to heed
With no code of conduct
We stick with bugs and stray

The divine domain descends
With ways to mend it discerns
This haughty soul that listens
Still turns to that what glistens

Position zero never gets a row
Those that line up there
Becomes the zero

O Command Holy
Repair all my folly
Let not the back end
Stay in dark blackened

Give the light of Thy command
At once zero me into Thy hand
Mercy! No more binary.

Mashook Rahman
Photo Courtesy: Internet