Just Penned!! – Knots for you


The many books on Sufis I read were one
Their names, places and times differed
But conferred upon only One!

Every page of every book
Left me with questions
Why do these much ado?!
Why do they contemplate?!
What does a Sufi seek?!
What does it mean to them?!
What are theirs masters’ legacy?!
What are the causes of their lunacy?!
What made some of them freak?!
What made some fall sad?!
What in the end all those had?!
What happened thereafter?!

Puzzles, stories, fables weaved
Eases the readers’ heart bereaved
What doth their lives teach?!
Why aren’t it in my reach?!
The last book I closed reading
Added to the questions breeding

The knots have piled into a long rope
I wish I’ll climb into a Sufi cloud
To reap the fruits they enjoy
Await my book shortly!
Certainly with more puzzles
And knots for you!

Mashook Rahman
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Just Penned!! – Where are Thee?!


Thy roaring clouds stray away
Dries me my sin’s fray
Where hath my fate wronged?!
Was it when Thee penned?!
Where hath my fate wronged?!
Why ever did I sin?!

Repenting my deeds
I’ve risen in love
See Thee in vast and wee
Your love stalks me faint
“I” veils me from embracing Thee

Love is painful than sin
For patience and penance are seeked in
Heard of Thy mercy
I wore the hood of Thy beloved
But Thy love burns me
Smooth were the sins’ ways!

Where hath my fate wronged?!
Was it when Thee excused?!
What about Thy mercy bluffed?!
Is that a calf, half stuffed?!

Where are Thee?!
That laid a glance on me
Where are Thee?!
When would I behold Thee?!
Where are Thee, Where are Thee?!

Let your veils’ deception fall
Its your voice, but my call
I’m reckoning you to me
Come to me, come to me

You feel you bear
O my son, come near
For I’m your strength in pain
I’ll let you not fall in vain

The very words you cried so far
Were possible ‘cos I’m not afar!
Turn into your heart!
I’m there, smiling at me!
Drizzling within, my mercy!!

Mashook Rahman
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Just Penned!! – Dew on the thorn


Gyrating in the swamp
Of a Haughty belief
I were happy as a lump of flesh

There cracked an edge
And the darkness leaked
I fell rolling down
In a hurry to save it for me

Rumbling, scratching and rolling down
I fell from the peak steep at Thy feet

The roses there smelled foul to me
I hated the new land of Thy mercy

Yet, Thy patience is intact
That hath planned the spill
Collect me as a dew on the thorn
Freeze me in Your love’s will!

Mashook Rahman
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Just Penned!! – In the frenzy dance


With the first chirp of Hu
I jump into Thy cloud nine
Where floats the love’s Nile
Where blooms the tides of bliss
Where I need no wings
Where I could air whatever the soul sings

As Rumi the beloved
I see everywhere Thy trance
My eyes are with the notion of Shams
Inebriated in the frenzy dance

I flow in stanzas smearing Thee
Sweating in the awe of Thy embrace
Every drop is a cask of attar*
In which my soul is soaked

I’m shrunk into a drink of Thee
With Thy smell, taste and soul
I dip my beak into my heart
To taste Thee and sing on and on

The cloud nine is now my clog
The love’s Nile is in my veins hot
The tides of bliss fan the flame
I need no wings and not a name

attar*- a perfume or essential oil obtained from flowers or petals.

Mashook Rahman
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Just Penned!! – Float in the song of pain


Given a thorn in the heart
Soul bleeds a song
That laid frozen
In the veins of love so long

Thank you for the prick
That awakened me quick
I regret my silence
That hath did me this harm

Pouncing upon Thy wick
And dance as the flame of Thy light
Melting in Thee
Pelting stones upon this world
That deceived me for Thee

The bleeding song adds to the fire
The mix of wax and blood clots back
To seal my tender love for you
With your very hues’ chop!

The thorn hath slit my silent soul
Swooned arrogant and haughty
Pain adds to the melting now
Adding peace to the soul

Let me not freeze back
Cut all my veins open
For all to take road to Thee
Let me just float in the song of pain
Bleeding…bleeding…bleeding love
For if back in silence
I’m all in vain

Mashook Rahman
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Just Penned!! – Coffee with Sufi


I’m a sun roasted coffee bean
Robust with foams of love within
Winds threw me astray
I’m bubbling to become Thy brew
In the heat of love so true!

I’m a being of bitterness
Alone in the desert’s wilderness
My bitterness is a song sober
The longing for the lost lover

O harkening beloved!
Tinge me with Thy love
Pleads at Thy holy feet
The tanned skin of my soul

Make my bitterness sweet
Send me a drift of bliss’ fleet
With a tryst singing the day we meet

I’m cracking, sinking in the sands
To root and shoot to Thee back
In bunches I’ll sing and await
Smacking my lips to taste you
Till Thy mercy’s rays toast me baked!

Mashook Rahman
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Just Penned!! – Come…Comrades of Love!

Caps are falling!
Smoke-to-mist-to-fog-to smog of chaos
Minds are with a zikr*
Falling from the zikr of Allah
To the zikr of self-power

Man-to-man duties are the offerings to Allah
Oh! Fanatic serpent, stop breathing venom again
Man-to-man never only includes a Mussal‘man’
Oh pure souls, please grasp this, never inflict pain again

How would one kill shadow?
When truth is all alive
Oneness loved by the Prophet (P.B.U.H)
Is suffering a plague again

Jihad is never the holy war
That Prophet (P.B.U.H) said to mean
Cleanse yourself from filth and lust
Is the soul with what Islam sheen!

Words are decoded to kill the sanctity
Get cleaned from stained insanity
Prophet (P.B.U.H) stained his robes for the love of mankind
Hypocrites stain his robes with lust and blood so blind

Come comrades of love, to fill the earth with humility
Come comrades of love, to clean Islam with agility
Come comrades of love; Let us make a paradise of love…
Awaiting the Day of Judgment!

zikr* – Meditation

P.B.U.H – Peace Be Upon Him

Mashook Rahman
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Just Penned!! – The itch to fight


World is but a variety of lie
Don’t take it for a comment sly
The spread of species
The fabric of relations
The sense of everything
That binds all
Is but a deception
A game that thralls

Pursuit of perceptions
Perceived conceptions
Are mighty enough
To fall nullified
Fighting each other

The might of reason
A bloody divine treason
The itch to fight
With every heart tight

Every hand flashes a “right” trump
Every fist wishes an up thumb
“Over what?” puzzled is the heart

The very thought of pursuing life
Is a nightmare of losing the dreams
Everyday I sing of this chaos
Plucking a plume from my wings
Now, I have to walk till death
For I’m no more a bird

Mashook Rahman
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Just Penned!! – My days’ blue


You are my days’ blue
My very love with no clue
Thy very sight savage
Deems a gleam in the heart ravaged

Fate of love is a single page
Give me just a syllable’s space
Though I’m chosen by Thy grace
Keep me as a lower case

I’m a typo of love
Fix me with your sense
I’m now short of nails
Nibbling on, pretty tensed

You my days’ blue
Bloom into a pretty rainbow
Paint me with the pink of Hu!

Mashook Rahman

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Just Penned!! – A heap of noise


Thy beauty stuns like a fading song
The note that hath spilled from Thy reed long
The iridescence of Thy exuberance
I miss, I mess again and again

The bounty of the words given
Are a heap of noise
Yet when I cry “I’m inept”
Your song showers Thy poise

When after the slightest sight
I rise with pride to reach Thee
I’m stunned again by my veils
Shunned of a glimpse of Thy grace

The distance and the song are growing
Shadow adds to its beauty
Where I take shelter to sing Thee on
To bring Thy grace thereupon

You take pleasure of my plea
And run like a kid to the lee
I’m chasing your song
With the weak one of mine

Would we meet
Where our notes fall
And that’s all?!

Mashook Rahman
Photo Courtesy: Internet