Just Penned!! – You who knows


Mute is the mind
Fingers astray
Wavers the thought
Irks the day

Throat is dry
Words weak
Faint thunder
Lightning meek

Breathe lost
Soul jolts and jitters
Reading all the meaningless scriptures

Ruptured mute mind
Looks for a vent
To shout its love
Yet doubts its love

You who knows
Open your doors
Tell the world
You wooed me

Let them all
Laugh at you
Let at least
It console me

Fingers astray
Wavers the thought
Blabbers of You and me
You know the song
Please blow the horn
Kill all else but You, me!

Mashook Rahman

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Just Penned!! – Mute this chaos


This very skin deceives me
As my name does
At times you flash
At times you lash
Before the pain is gone
“I” rise from the ash

Gyrating stinking pool
Throws ghastly odor
I’m fed up with this mule
Bring a unicorn from within

Naive are the moments
Naive am I!
Mute all this chaos
Mime truth to me!

Mashook Rahman

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Just Penned!! – Smell my soul

Rose1I am a rose of flames
That bloomed beyond the blames
Shedding all those names
Awaiting your love that lames

Through every burning petal
I Sigh for you in ashes
How long it’s till the fall?!
Curse is the wild patience!

Fragrance has turned to smoke
By the height of the flame invoked
Frightful dreams array
Nights are burnt to choke

Only as a flower
I saw You love
At once, caught of the fire!
Awaiting your love that lames
I’m burning for You!
Drizzle, smell my soul
It’s upto you to frown “it fouls”

Mashook Rahman

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Just Penned!! – A dialogue on Alchemy with Rumi


Greedy of thy Alchemy
O Rumi, I’m after thee!
With so many daggers
Of thy love for Shams
I’m stabbed to bleed in love

Irony! Irony!
Only at this loss
Love is felt, alas!
Yet, what is thy Alchemy
What is its eternal cause?!

Every word of thee
Churns the soul out of me
The virgin oil of love
Swirls and swirls in glee

What is thy apparatus?!
What is thy proportion?!
What do you, in secrecy breed?!
Shams and you are quiet
What is in you, I need!

Everything that see you
Turns into you
And you owe it to Shams
What is thy Alchemy?!
What is its boon?!

So sick I am
Still bleeding in love
Tell me at once
Descend from above!

O stabbed pitiable friend!
Behold, it’s in thy blood!
Irony! Irony!
Even at loss
You never felt it, alas!

Mashook Rahman

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Just Penned!! – A tribute to Maulana Rumi (R.A)



For my grave is not a blunder
And my conceit is not a sin
I’m still ruminating
And in love I spin

The ruins have decayed
But for the light
I fell for You
You hold me tight

Ruptures of the earth
Have fallen behind
It’s you and me
The stolen benign

Jealous is the world
Zealous is the heart
Let all the world burn
In the glow
Of my love for you

Mashook Rahman

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Just Penned!! – Into Thy Ark


Let the peak keep growing
And the feet keep going
For after the peak
It might be steep

For when climbing
The head is budged
And heart seeks
Eyes attentive
When silence speaks

Veins alert
Strain enjoyed
As the peak keeps growing
And the feet keeps going

Let the clouds of mercy
Clog my path
And at once take me
Into Thy Ark
And the feet keeps going
Into the deep peak of Thy heart
Let the peak keep growing

Mashook Rahman

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Just Penned!! – Love is all


The call of a muazzin
The call of a Rabbi
The call of a holy priest
And all of you
Sounds one to the attuned
Says, “To you bid adieu!”

The keen ears of the heart
Fall on knees to the call
For love is all felt
In the heart that has knelt

Smelting the iron
Melting the ice
Differs the heat
Yet, things change
The call intends the same

Drill into the call
Till its final fall
Beyond the last decibels
There is He; That is all!

Mashook Rahman

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Just Penned!! – In Thy love I’m cast

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Tempted to tease you holy wine
With a tempting long blood line
I smile at the cask in the tavern
To break it and swim and divine

Every bubble’s meniscus
Poses a universe and bursts
By the sprinkle of the blast
In Thy love I’m cast

The trauma of Thy love
Hath fetched me a role
With a fine costume
And a stringent parole

Now in Thy tavern
I pick withered stars
I flick some of them
Upon love’s blisters and scars

The temptation is intent
The wine is cold
Boiling blood boils to core
One quick gobble
And make me all Thine!

Mashook Rahman

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Just Penned!! – Cloak my sail


One word of hope
One glimpse of light
One sight of beloved
One more birth bright

Days and nights turn pages
All wet with the scar of tears
In the home, I’m homeless
My streets are only foot long

Vague turns make mazes
With every wall showing faces
Like a breath on a moist glass
At once, faints with no traces

Even my echoes call you
Are they deceiving for you?!
My humble trembling fervent heart
Is all bare thwarting a rough sea

Become my oar
Befell and soar
I might fell all the stars above
To fish you out to the shore

I’m wreaked with Thy love
Harbor this falling wrecked
Cloak my sail
Come! Quick! Fast!
For days are turning pages
Wet with the scar of my tears

Mashook Rahman

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Just Penned!! – Count me


Promises kept in the vault of trust
Await Thy mercy’s hands
Pounding heart pounces hard
O Deluge, flood my sands!

Hath Thy wand went rust,
Thy charm felled to dust?!
Blazing soul pleads with Thee
Balm my pain with Thy love

The pulse is weak
With this being meek
Veins are soggy and soaked
In tears for Thee

Lend a ear; Come some near
Wear a face of mercy
Rear this sheep of Thy fleet
To the realm of Thy holy feet

O beloved, the vault is locked!
Ages have effaced ages
Awaiting Thy mercy’s hands
Singing to mounds of sands
Strike a sparkle of Thy wand
Count me as a pearl of Thy strand

Mashook Rahman

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