Just Penned!! – Kiss of the Beloved

I feel the kiss of the beloved!
His lips on my frozen cheek
Keep me bleak, keep me bleak!

I feel the kiss of the beloved
On my frozen cheek!
I’m close to His bosom
I’m close to His bosom

I feel the kiss of the beloved
On my frozen cheek!
I feel Him at my heart
I see Him as my thought

I feel the kiss of the beloved
On my frozen cheek!
He sings me a lull
He casts over me a spell

He holds me like a lamb
Covering me with warmth
His kiss shows me the path
I’d have fallen for the wrath

I feel the kiss of the beloved
On my frozen cheek!
I gaze at the world around
I see His mercy abound

He’s everywhere
Cuddling each soul
His kiss and love are fair
Even with souls cold!

Mashook Rahman
Photo Courtesy: Internet


Just Penned – Camera and Crime

Cctv, Surveillance, Security, Camera, Safety, Control

Streets were empty,
Heart’s were vigil
Conscience was on patrol
And the nights stayed quiet

The nights’ quiet was cruel
Truth was strangled at nights
The lecherous chose the dark
To gnaw at the victim and bark

Time has grown beyond time
With many tools to record crime
Every street corner has a cam
To tell the world, the crime, scandal and scam

People all, hold a third eye
With a perverted thought to pry
The third eye has gulped the hearts
And have sewn the sense to cry

Crime scenes are available cheap
For the cheap to take a peep
From rape of kids people watch
To see how the daring had their catch

Cams don’t seem to ensure safety
They only feature the civilians nasty
Perverts catch the glimpses tasty
Criminals bet the cams so hasty

Cams are vigil night and day
Eyes are losing compassion
Still hearts watch crime with no pain
Like cams that hang in silence


Mashook Rahman
Photo Courtesy: Internet

Just Penned!! – Trying to make things “better”

When fervent prayers could bring rains
What’s the use of rocket science?!
What have thee found?!
Or what do ye search?!

Postulates are void, when another is proposed!
Ye name thy fall “improvement” and “change”
Ye spread midst people, the innovation mange*
Ye break the nature and do what’s strange

Automation is an illusion
Indeed machines go by command
God is merciful to give autonomy
For us to create near to His creations

Ideas, models, prototypes and the like
Bloom within the human confines
The measures that gauge IQ
Proclaims its limitations

Ye are not the Creator
Nor, the Ultimate source of power
Ye ne’er bout with Him
Trying to make things “better”

But ye have taught me
To see the finesse of creation
The perfection of the creator
The intellect beyond its sense

See! Ye are the best of His creations
Have you paid your gratitude to the date?!
What hath made thee create things useless,
To spoil the earth and rake?!

Mashook Rahman
Photo Courtesy: Internet

Just Penned!! – Brew thy Sweat

Bee, Animal, Rose, Flower, Red, Insect, Nectar

Vials of perfumes are many
Bazaars cry wooing the crowd
Vials are crafted with finesse
But, incense is null and void

Rose never claims it’s a rose
It’s humble of the fragrance it throws
Souls swarm after the rose
Rose is humble of the fragrance it throws

Look at thyself, O seeker!
Thee get a light, brighter as thy vision
Look at the roses, O seeker!
Their roots go deep for the fragrance

Bellow thy vision with thy thirst
Let thy fragrance, bring thy beloved near
Why should thee buy incense and wear
Let the fragrance of thy love, kill thy fear

Bazaars sell incense to smear
Incense fall to the sweat’s spear
Brew thy sweat into the fragrance of rose
To keep thy beloved, always close

Hum HuHu.. HuHu

Mashook Rahman
Photo Courtesy: Internet