Just Penned!! – The fruit of fruit

At last we settled with an apple
With no wisdom about the forbidden fruit
The first settled dispute
That still keeps us brute

The fruit bitten must be so venomous
The venom still runs in veins
Our father must have refrained
Getting the sense of mercy divine

Has every Adam eaten the same,
For every Eve’s excuse lame?
Yet have kept the fruit’s name
And have given apple the blame!!

What sin has the apple committed
To bear the dreadful name
Was it the apple in real?
That ate Adam and the dame?

Who ate whom?
What was the serpent’s room?
Why did the sky dawn the doom?
When would His mercy kill the gloom?

Whatever be the truth
The fruit of the fruit
Is still sour!
O mercy… pour!!

Mashook Rahman
Photo Courtesy: Internet