Just Penned!! – Until it ferments in love

No tavern shall stand proud
Until it serves the wine old
The brew never cracks crisp into soul
Until it ferments in love

Casks store wine for ages
Not a bit it tastes like self-righteous sages
If casks behave falsely well
At last would it taste the holy hell

Thirst breaks lovers into sands and grains
With dunes of longing and pain
Thirsty in search of wine divine
Awaiting the wine to slit strain

The tavern of lovers and thirst
Never runs short of songs and trysts
As long as the wine lives in the veins
So long sings back the love ravines

O wine! Hug the thirsty, flow! stretch!
Efface thy stink of pride
Smell the love from hearts’ depth
Melt beyond the brink of shade

Break the cask, let the wine flow
For the lovers in thirst can’t wait in row

Mashook Rahman
Photo Courtesy: Internet


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