Just Penned!! – Burst of a mirage

Burst of a mirage
Sprinkled a rainbow
With bubbles of love
That blasted sprinkling lies

Drenched in the mirage
Sprinkled with lies
I shivered staring at the smoggy sky
With no clue of a horizon
Like a dew dying at the dawn

Slowly the sky cracked
Like a huge egg hatched
I awaited a creepy creature
But it started drizzling acid

Sun peeled the sorrows away
And forced me plea my day
Light, at first shackled my vision
Shortly then, gifted a mission

Not to chisel a future better
But to live the moment true and tender
Love, lies and mirage giggled like Hyena
And wagged their tails away from me

Mashook Rahman
Photo Courtesy: Internet

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