Just Penned!! – Keep Spinning the Garb White

White garbs of heaven gone short
Spin more with earthly love

Fibres of flesh thrown on path
Stitch pain with painless love

Brutes patrol the streets
Strewing death on lives for money’s reap

Souls are felled as meat
In praise of weapons chiselled neat

Ruthless heads gnaw
At benevolence and grace

Heading to the filthy power race
Humans have extinct and become base

The mean mean creatures on earth
Burn with rage to toast tender borns

O white garbs of heaven short
I need not thee for my kid shot

Let the bare truth of murderous spree
Lay before Him for His mercy’s decree

Lose not hope, those saved some love!
Keep spinning the garb white

Unmindful of the size…
It might fit souls deprived of a coffin

Mashook Rahman
Photo Courtesy: Internet


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