Just Penned!! – Thy Gory Gory Ray

Would it be our resurrection
Or the hell’s beckon?!
Would You let us sweat to die
To teach us painful lesson

For You send the clouds
Strew rain and dew
Give a soulful reason to live
In this heavenly earth

But we divide, deride
Wage war, sing pride
Make a farce of You
With false faith, we collide

We are heartfully scornful
Chasing this heaven to hell
We build places of worship
To make Thee obey, we spell!!

We give refuge to the timid
And take them as our slaves
We spend on their fleshes
To mend our sins to graves

We talk much on Thy gleam
We make plenty pride teams
We need not others to feel Thy grace
We need them to only obey our race

When the game of choice is held at bay
When the blasts of hell makes us way
Mercy! Mercy! Mercy! we pray
Comes Thy gory gory ray

Mashook Rahman
Photo Courtesy: Internet


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