Just Penned!! – The Bombs Say Amen

There is a new religion,
The name is terrorism!
It has no bias,
It creates only chaos!

It gnaws at the God’s kingdom,
Wants His people to chide Him!
Yet it’s so cowardly,
And seeks His name to hide in!

It’s only prayer is,
To bring His kingdom down!
To make His people stone Him,
And crucify His crown!

The religion of terrorism,
Prays in shells and arms!
Deceiving people with His name,
And takes no blame of the harms!

All the world is losing hope,
His light is to rise and swarm!
The hour is near! The hour is near!
His Mercy will come upon!

Take a turn from cheap discounts,
For the traders are filthy Dons!
What some corner of the market buys,
Rains at another, as shells and bombs!

The world was one with it’s diversity,
Until the hearts were calm!
The clarion call towards uniformity,
Is just another snake charm!

The religion of terrorism,
Fights to snatch our calm!
It’s motive is to rear people,
To further the filthy qualm!

The bombs say amen,
To the Baphomet’s ugly charm!
When God’s mercy dawns upon,
Satan’s charms will melt along!

All we people should hold to our faiths,
We should stand hand in hand!
Mercy is the common code,
That’s in every DNA strand!

Let’s call His mercy upon,
To kill the religion of terrorism!
To free us all from the plague of greed,
To free us from the wrath of the Creed!

Let light bounce back with vigour,
Upon the world of illuminated fear!
The hour is near! The hour is near!
Let all sheep look for the Shepherd to rear!

Mashook Rahman
Photo Courtesy: Internet


Just Penned!! – Silence of the Arms

Image result for silence of the arms and ammunitions

Laid back in leisure
Deep in the meditation
Holding the breath tight

I wonder would the gunsmith sing
Would at least listen to songs
Or only the dunning muzzles,
Are music to his ears?!

When children cry, bosoms dry,
Arms plunge to pry
What on earth does these arms
Trying and to try?!

Let the wrath of power fall
Let peace and patience haul
Let the wrath of power fall
Let peace and patience haul

Let not the day of peace end
Let no one go on kneels to fend
Why let shells spread the dark,
And yearn for the dawn to bend?!

Stop casting iron for fences
Stop casting arms and bullets
Cast more pillars for light
Let the light of peace delight

If books of history could speak hatred
Burn them and teach to live in the present
If arms are furious to take lives
Let the gunsmith give it a try on his head!

Arms are silent and innocent
Why feed them hatred and rage?!
Melt all the arms and make
One roof for peace’ sake!

When the silent arms speak
They give death…
Not peace!!

Mashook Rahman
Photo Courtesy: Internet

Just Penned!! – The seeds of Light


The tree of truth is immortal
Composed with seeds of light
Breathing the truth of truth void
Bearing the fruits of truth

The tree is not of any nature
The tree is the nature
Its fruits belong to no season
The fruits come for a reason

Nothing waters the tree
The tree’s drunk of the divine wine
Yet there is a stream
That springs from the tree

The fruits ripe beaming in love
With seeds of the light of truth
When twigs are timid to bear them
The fruits drop over the stream and move

The fruits drop by the dry soils
Where the stream is denied
The seeds of light roots deep
There springs the tree of truth

Life fades in and fades out
Yet, life is alive formless
Those that have taken forms,
Melt into the roots of the tree!

Mortals are the naive
Truth gives the immortal high!

Mashook Rahman
Photo Courtesy: Internet

Just Penned!! – The Big Foe

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It’s a suicide shot
I fell by my side
The big foe laughed at me
The big foe laughed at me

The dream shattered at once
I sat up, like a dunce
Slowly, very slowly
I peeled the web off the dream

The big foe was there
With an ugly gaze and stare
Gnawing too rudely
He giggled at me like a flare

The big foe did that
Gave a pat on my back
Wiped the sweat of guilt
He soothed me of my sins

The big foe fed me
With reasons for my wrongs
The big foe gave a hug
And led me through new wrongs

The big foe lulled me
I slept on his lap
The big foe threatened me
Of my sins he had a track

At once, I had a shock
I froze like a rock
He gifted me a gun
But smiled like a nun

It’s a suicide shot
I fell by my side
The big foe laughed at me
The big foe laughed at me

Mashook Rahman
Photo Courtesy: Internet

Just Penned!! – With those pink paws

Image result for baby feet

All I want is a bit of myself,
With those pink paws
That left no tread marks

With those closed fists
That were pure from sinners’ lists

With that umblical cord
That connected me with the God

With that content of silence
That kept my contented conscience

With that open heart
That only remembered Him

With that clenched teeth
That never uttered a lie

With that nimble mind
That had no bias

With those cool eyes
That saw everything of the skies

With that piece of wisdom
That I never revealed

With that moment of truth
I’m void of now!

Mashook Rahman
Photo Courtesy: Internet

Just Penned!! – Sword of wisdom

Sword of wisdom
Never slits coward minds;
Nor peels the skin of darkness
Or make a wound for the light to enter

Coward minds are those,
That cling to that what is to die,
To the corpse that they live in,
To the thought that they exist!

Chains of belief,
Never set you fly in faith!
When the sky is a farce,
Coward minds dream of the stars!

Humble, humble, humble!
At once, bow to the sword
Let all the greed bleed out
Feel light off the flesh
Feel the light’s gushing rush
Let the mind face its fate,
Let wisdom kill its bate

You can’t live in the womb forever;
Nor you deserve the doom!
After all, life is an instance of memory,
Wisdom the epitomizes the bloom!

Mashook Rahman
Photo Courtesy: Internet

Just Penned!! – When Nile shies away

I’m not in the limelight
Yet, my life is not sour
I don’t long for chandeliers
I enjoy the moon on my floor

I make a sky of my own
I don’t complain and moan
And I make an eagle’s flight
Unlike a controlled drone!!

I stretch my wings and float
Where no one can cut my throat
I’m not a canoe, not a boat
To stay tied in a stagnant moat

When Nile shies away from me
I make my own fresh water sea
I perch upon the Everest’s lee
And plunge upon what bets me

I know not how to gamble
I neither boast nor shamble
I may be haughty to see
But, that’s what I’m made to be!!

Hatched cracking the hard shell
Breathing the fresh blood’s smell
I can’t afford to carry a wreath
If so, toes will have my throat neath!

Bleak heart is warm now
But with a blood cold
Cold enough to split the sky
And bring a deluge upon the world sly!

Mashook Rahman
Photo Courtesy: Internet

Just Penned!! – Put Together

Puzzle, Share, Smartphone, Mobile Phone, Touch, Finger

Virtues suffer;
Vultures prey on them!
Cultures are mocked,
Culprits etch them off!

Souls are indifferent
To see themselves in others
People are fed with hatred
To quench their thirst with blood

Skulls are numb
Truth is dumb
Deafens the shells
Birds no more hum

I’m on the Temple Run
Not caring of all that turns up
I laugh at prank videos
Not aware of being pranked!

My virtues are bought for free food
I go by the apps’ call
I know the harm of drugs
But I’m a chained game buff

I’ve learned to take selfie with corpses
I put a sorrow sticker for the funeral
Smiling at the mobile display
And Yes, I’ll buy the same suit for my funeral!!


Just Penned!! – Brick and Mortar

Brick and mortar
Brick and mortar
Brick and mortar

The world is brick and mortar
We are a mix of soil and water
As many are the soils and waters
So many are our races and colors
The world is brick and mortar
Yes! We are soil and water

As brains are chained with lust
And knowledge is let to rust
And thirst for power is held abreast
Powers are rising, making unrest

Schools made of brick and mortar
Are suffering a digital divide
As information is equated to intellect
Knowledge is plainly slained

This world is brick and mortar
Its a school of love and peace
For hearts to learn and live
To learn to live and let live

The swamp, the mire and the bog
Are all over this brick and mortar
O rain of love and peace!
Pour down upon the mire of lust!

Mashook Rahman
Photo Courtesy: Internet

Just Penned!! – The Music of Oneness

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Notes from the strings of Mirabai
Smudge into the Ney of Rumi
The fragrance of music spilling in colors
Brings into love, the corpses of the worlds

There dances, Rumi, Mira, Majnoon and Laila
All in their own realms of love
They know not each other, but their beloved
So poisonous is the music of oneness

The syllables of love’s score
Keeps the light of oneness alive
The omnipresence of music
Orchastrates the resonating time

There in the soul,
Love drizzles in rhyme
Drenched in the hymn
Soul trembles and chimes

The music of oneness
Melts the soul into nothing
From where it bleeds
Into the realm of oneness

“Form or formless
God is oneness”,
The music of oneness
Feeds this to the soul

The greed to be larger than life
Reduces to a drop of love
With the music of oneness brimming within
“I” melts within, within, within

O deluge of music!
Kill me to the atom
O deluge of oneness!
Leave me not, but Thee!

O! Melt me, melt me, melt me love
In Thee, is my crest and trough
When I stop to wave on earth
Dwell me in Thy silent “Hum”

Mashook Rahman
Photo Courtesy: Internet