Just Penned!! – Dictators’ Pens

When the pens of dictators pen,
Foolishness flows in tons!
Preambles will rise to dictate,
The meanest of their fantasies!

When there are pens to note the dictation,
The senses of dictators are pleased!
For their senses or all nonsenses,
Least they bother of others’ consensus!

In a world where the people are mad,
The leaders are bad, and the youth are in fad
Dictators’ pens become the wrath wand
Tuning all the herds to dance to its band

Dictators utter their mind in fear,
But are amused to see people in the rear!
Dictators are bred by the loyal,
Than by the royal!

O numskull civilians,
Arise from thy grave of greed!
Until ye feed on greed’s feces,
Ye can’t erase a drop of the dictators’ ink!

Mashook Rahman
Photo Courtesy: Internet

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