Just Penned!! – The seeds of Light


The tree of truth is immortal
Composed with seeds of light
Breathing the truth of truth void
Bearing the fruits of truth

The tree is not of any nature
The tree is the nature
Its fruits belong to no season
The fruits come for a reason

Nothing waters the tree
The tree’s drunk of the divine wine
Yet there is a stream
That springs from the tree

The fruits ripe beaming in love
With seeds of the light of truth
When twigs are timid to bear them
The fruits drop over the stream and move

The fruits drop by the dry soils
Where the stream is denied
The seeds of light roots deep
There springs the tree of truth

Life fades in and fades out
Yet, life is alive formless
Those that have taken forms,
Melt into the roots of the tree!

Mortals are the naive
Truth gives the immortal high!

Mashook Rahman
Photo Courtesy: Internet


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