Just Penned!! – Roses don’t drink blood

Image result for rose in blood

The torch of hatred fumes
Drinking gallons of venom
Decibels of words shout peace
With throats groaning in vengeance

The pieces of lands called nations
With the selfish crowned as patriots
Blowing the horns of valor
For cowardly, cowardly wars

Wouldn’t anthems that praise your soil,
Lend ears to respect the neighbors’?
Wouldn’t the crops of your cherished soil,
Nourish the tots of the neighbors?

Mother earth say thee!
Why bring her on her knees?!
Ye shan’t soak her in blood,
And claim to be her beloved!

Roses don’t drink blood,
Lotus never plunders the pond
Why would you ruin your home,
To make your reign over the corpse?!

The seas of the earth are seas
The blood of the people is blood
There is no bounds, but for the heart
All hearts throb with one beat

If your beat skips the rhythm of love,
Better seize to exist!
Better seize to exist!
Better seize to exist!

Mashook Rahman
Photo Courtesy: Internet


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