Just Penned!! – The Last Supper

The world is the cross
And everyone next is Judas

The world is approaching the last supper

Every grain and gulp of which is venomous
The fallen angels still fight for the minerals

Picking the best fuel for their rivals’ funerals

The jealousy foolish mankind is easy to tempt

That greed has taken over in all its attempt
The soils are in dispute

The waters are completely pollute

The air is filled with filth of greed

Humans have mutated into a different breed
The deep cold hearts are stirring the stew

To serve every fellow and to leave only few

The last supper I had just then…

Reminds me the last supper every then
The break of the mischief of the hellish hellish mind

Hath spelled filthy wrath on lustful humankind

Benign Lord is the binding force behind

That keepeth the soul from falling off blind
O Lord of the last supper..

Shower us with wisdom and peace

Let not the mean stink of Satan take over us

With all his ways of tempting and tease
Give us the strength to starve

Give us the strength to strive

Give us the strength and the drive

Till back on soil, mercy arrives
Hail Thee O Lord!

Hail Thy might and grace

Let me not fall for the hefty feasts

Till Thy merciful hand descend and feeds
Hail.. Hail.. Hail Thy mercy!

Mashook Rahman


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