Just Penned!! – I’m a Running Verse

I’m a running verse 

That flows beyond the periods

Pulling the thoughts along

Flowing towards the infinity
Whenever sanity suggests a stop

The soul spout starts pouring

The wine brewed within

Starts frantically flowing
As I flow beyond the periods

I rub the ages along

I’m a lovely song of time

That chimes the eternity gong
I flow through the hearts

Through the sulky spots

I wave with the waters

Float with heavenly matters
I long not for the horizon

I flip the skies flowing

I have no poles to follow

I just keep flowing
As a song perennial

I flow towards the truth

Taking the souls I touch

To take abode in truth
Though I’m a song

Just read me not

Flow along with me

Catch my sense hot
Mashook Rahman

Photo Courtesy: Internet 


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