Just Penned!! – Humanity – The new UFO


The World is equipped with newer tools
Whose prototypes the ages have praised
The flints that gave the first sparks for light
Now cry for having taught exploding

The threat of alien invasion
Unveils the truth of their non-existence
The dread of human wickedness
Is uglier than the alien invasion

Humanity is the new UFO
The “unidentified feature often”
The hell is taking its perfect shape
In the bosoms of hatred rotten

Release all the stinking gasses
Kill all the tenderly masses
Leave not the breeze that passes
Leave not the bit of carcasses

O, zombies
Resurrect to your human form
Believe! Humanity is still the life’s norm
Nudge all the muzzles of weaponry
Budging to love shouldn’t be secondary

Plant more love than the mines
Breath love into the trench in the ravines
Expel the hatred imposed
Impel the love deposed

The dream of conquests
Only end in making graveyards
Not empires!!

Mashook Rahman
Photo Courtesy: The Internet


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