Just Penned!! – Swine Flu

It is not the virus
It is now the people
It is not the flu
But characters with no clue

None have the spine
To slander wrong and slain
Bent like the swine
We relish the gutter wine

We lock the apps
To save our character
Deceive daily
Yet expect honesty

Left all alone
We peek into the filthy
In broad day light
We buy us a clean chit

We gaze at the curves of girls
Forgetful of people home
Yet shake hands with smile
With a genuine voice and tone

We never get fatigued
Not the chill of sin
Or the fever of fear

No device exists
To measure the decay
No gender persists
On changing to be good

It’s all the game of chance
Hearts gnaw for the time to pounce
Lust flu has so taken us
We see lumps of flesh
Than the kith and kin

To become human is an emergency
To stop the flu and its insurgency
We can’t join hands to fight
But to fall on knees and pray

Mashook Rahman
Photo Courtesy – Internet


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